Lord of the Wolfs Ch 2
Sun Sep 9, 2018 2:52am

Charlus pressed against Faolan's side when his father began shouting. "Absolutely not!" he said. "We let you werewolfs have your tributes but you are not taking my son!"

"Keep your tributes," Faolan said dismissively. "Your son is the greatest gift you could give me. He is an Omega, and he shall bear my children, who will inherit the throne after I am dead."

Charlus' father's eyes bugged out. "An Omega?!"

"A very rare and prized type of male. Now that he and I are bonded, we—"

"Get out!" his father yelled, pointing. "I won't have that sort of disgusting filth in my house! Out!"

Charlus whimpered as Faolan drew him closer. "You will rue the day you cast my mate out of your home," he declared, his eyes flashing. "Come, Charlus—you have anew home with me."

Charlus looked up at him with large, beautiful blue eyes. He looked so frightened and uncertain, and Faolan had a violent urge to protect him at all costs.

"I will take you back to my castle," Faolan declared, leading Charlus from the house. "Can you ride?"

"I am a Lord's son," Charlus said, drawing himself up. He was still quite short despite being fully grown. If it weren't for his scent—now reeking of mating heat—he'd wonder if this boy was supposed to be his mate after all. He was so small, so delicate, and Faolan's duty as an Alpha was to protect his mate at all costs.

"Then ride on me," Faolan said, and shifted into wolf form. He was a magnificent, enormous jet black beast, with fur the same glossy raven shade as Charlus' hair. The eyes still looked like his human form, though, jade green with a golden ring around the pupil. Charlus gaped at him before moving forward, hesitantly running his fingers through the shaggy fur. Faolan grinned a wolfish grin and crouched so Charlus could mount him.

And that would be the only time Charlus would ever be allowed to 'mount' him, he thought as Charlus climbed onto his back. Faolan waited until he was situated, and then took off, running much faster than any horse ever could.

Charlus yelled with delight at the wind catching his hair, whipping it around his face. They raced through the forest, Alpha and Omega, wolf and rider speeding toward the castle on the mountain in the distance.

  • Lord of the WolfsJessamintheCreed99, Thu Sep 6 4:09pm
    Faolan Marrok Randel Lycanis of House Lycanis, first of his name, the Untamed, Prince of the Forest and Werewolves, Lord of the Preylands, and Master of All He Surveyed, was having a bad day. His... more
    • Lord of the Wolfs Ch 2 — JessamintheCreed99, Sun Sep 9 2:52am
      • Lord of the Wolfs Ch 3JessamintheCreed99, Mon Sep 10 12:08am
        ((Hi, Ix here. This is where things get bad, so I'll say it now: NSFW, terrible smut, trigger warnings for dubcon, general squickiness, and your general ABO badness. Chapter 3 is here .))
        • ((Try this link: For some reason bookmarks are just totally borked for my GDerps, so this links to the ... more
          • Thanks! I hate it. :DLemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
            Well, now you've done a very unclever thing by introducing this "mate or die" thing. First of all, no wonder Omegas are rare if they up and kick the bucket whenever some haughty bastard of an Alpha... more
            • Ugh, you’re just a nother flamer.JessamintheCreed99, Tue Sep 11 6:47pm
              I can’t believe I enjoyed your story earlier if you can’t even appreciate the nuances of hot gay relationships. Like, for reals.
              • Of course she can't appreciate the nuances...ShadowMoonDarkSun, Tue Sep 11 7:09pm
                She writes them like they're lesbians. All love and purity, no savagery, hierarchy, or intense, physical expressions of love.
                • *dies laughing*Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 7:55pm
                  Right, that's it, Jennotary is definitely next on the docket. That or maybe G-Squared, which is less plausible but possibly more fun. In the meantime, here, have this educational illustration about... more
      • I don't hate it!Lemony Eggnog, Sun Sep 9 5:28pm
        Again, let's be clear: This is not a PPC fanfic. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Agents Ix Saibhir and Charlotte Webb. This is a good thing, because if you were actually trying to portray those... more
        • As usualShadowMoonDarkSun, Sun Sep 9 7:54pm
          ...Miss Sourmilk has everything wrong. This is a good fic, yes: it continues to establish Faolan's inherent superiority that will come to form the core of their relationship. But she still seems to... more
    • Iiiinteresting.Lemony Eggnog, Sat Sep 8 12:38am
      Okay... I'm with you so far. This is some kinda fantasy ABO AU. Sure. Why not? I'm not sure it can touch anything that's canon about Agents Ix and Charlotte with a ten-foot pole, but at least it... more
    • I like where this is going!ShadowMoonDarkSun, Fri Sep 7 12:59pm
      ABO, is, of course, a brilliant framework for understanding male-male interactions. This fic also starts off well by establishing Faolan's obvious superiority as the more masculine, dominant man.... more
      • I'm so glad you like it!JessamintheCreed99, Fri Sep 7 1:25pm
        Just you wait until the next chapter, you're going to love it!!!
    • Um kk but istn' Faolan and anderlight?JayBird, Thu Sep 6 4:48pm
      shes' Illian's grilfriend, right?! i tohughts anderlights were like snails or sumfin, and i'm SURR THeyr'e blu.
      • Umm no?JessamintheCreed99, Fri Sep 7 1:25pm
        Faolan is a werewolf, not whatever an anderlight is. Isn't Illian's girlfriend Constance anyway?
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