Lemony Eggnog
I don't hate it!
Sun Sep 9, 2018 5:28pm

Again, let's be clear: This is not a PPC fanfic. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Agents Ix Saibhir and Charlotte Webb. This is a good thing, because if you were actually trying to portray those characters, haha, I can't even type it with a straight face. Just change the names again and what you've got here is a perfectly serviceable original fic.

And as such? Accepting that this is a different world with a different set of rules and social mores? You're doing some smart things, such as setting up some sort of prejudice against Omegas that works to justify "Faolan's" protectiveness of Charlus. It also helps that Faolan is royalty, which makes the whole arrogant and domineering Alpha thing easier to swallow.

One thing I will knock you for, though: The ability to ride a horse, presumably with a saddle and bridle, does not translate to the ability to ride a giant wolf unaided. A wolf's gait is not the same as a horse's. Go look up some videos of horses running and some videos of wolves running and see if you can spot the difference.


(( For real though, I do think this works pretty well so far. Can't hate it on the basis of wrecking the characters if it's not even making a token effort to get them right, and can't hate it for wrecking humans if one of 'em ain't and the other is accustomed to different rules than we are. Either making something that works was the intent, in which case kudos, or you're setting us up for a gutpunch of awfulness later, in which case... well, it's the Badfic Game, so also kudos. {; P

~Neshomeh ))

  • Lord of the Wolfs Ch 2JessamintheCreed99, Sun Sep 9 2:52am
    Charlus pressed against Faolan's side when his father began shouting. "Absolutely not!" he said. "We let you werewolfs have your tributes but you are not taking my son!" "Keep your tributes," Faolan... more
    • Lord of the Wolfs Ch 3JessamintheCreed99, Mon Sep 10 12:08am
      ((Hi, Ix here. This is where things get bad, so I'll say it now: NSFW, terrible smut, trigger warnings for dubcon, general squickiness, and your general ABO badness. Chapter 3 is here .))
      • ((Try this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AYp-8IB-2LIt5gQdN7b76x6C2C18mSWPTslMhr9Oljk/edit?usp=sharing For some reason bookmarks are just totally borked for my GDerps, so this links to the ... more
        • Thanks! I hate it. :DLemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
          Well, now you've done a very unclever thing by introducing this "mate or die" thing. First of all, no wonder Omegas are rare if they up and kick the bucket whenever some haughty bastard of an Alpha... more
          • Ugh, youíre just a nother flamer.JessamintheCreed99, Tue Sep 11 6:47pm
            I canít believe I enjoyed your story earlier if you canít even appreciate the nuances of hot gay relationships. Like, for reals.
            • Of course she can't appreciate the nuances...ShadowMoonDarkSun, Tue Sep 11 7:09pm
              She writes them like they're lesbians. All love and purity, no savagery, hierarchy, or intense, physical expressions of love.
              • *dies laughing*Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 7:55pm
                Right, that's it, Jennotary is definitely next on the docket. That or maybe G-Squared, which is less plausible but possibly more fun. In the meantime, here, have this educational illustration about... more
    • I don't hate it! — Lemony Eggnog, Sun Sep 9 5:28pm
      • As usualShadowMoonDarkSun, Sun Sep 9 7:54pm
        ...Miss Sourmilk has everything wrong. This is a good fic, yes: it continues to establish Faolan's inherent superiority that will come to form the core of their relationship. But she still seems to... more
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