As usual
Sun Sep 9, 2018 7:54pm

...Miss Sourmilk has everything wrong. This is a good fic, yes: it continues to establish Faolan's inherent superiority that will come to form the core of their relationship. But she still seems to think that some sort of justification for this sort of relationship is required.

Silly. In their natural habitats, every male gravitates towards an alpha role. Those that cannot become natural omegas, seeking the protection of their peers by becoming adopting a "female-substitute" role for the other men, with none of the dignity that implies. If a would-be omega would not accept their role, they will be forced into it by the alphas, until they inevitably accept their rightful place.

Nasty, brutish creatures, aren't they?

((...Espouse every bad idea I can think of off the top my head, and toss in casual sexism to taste! Joy of joys.

I'm pretty sure it's the latter, FYI Nesh. But who knows? Maybe I'll be proven wrong.

Kudos for not writing the worst ABO fic, Ix. That's tough to do.


  • I don't hate it!Lemony Eggnog, Sun Sep 9 5:28pm
    Again, let's be clear: This is not a PPC fanfic. It has nothing whatsoever to do with Agents Ix Saibhir and Charlotte Webb. This is a good thing, because if you were actually trying to portray those... more
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