((*cackles* Oh, just you wait for it.)) (nm)
Sun Sep 9, 2018 8:08pm

  • As usualShadowMoonDarkSun, Sun Sep 9 7:54pm
    ...Miss Sourmilk has everything wrong. This is a good fic, yes: it continues to establish Faolan's inherent superiority that will come to form the core of their relationship. But she still seems to... more
    • It's funny that you assume I take female pronouns.Lemony Eggnog, Sun Sep 9 9:39pm
      I don't recall ever specifying. What would it do to your worldview if I turned out to be the dudeliest of dudes? *eg* By the way, I think you're confusing male humans with male ruff birds . You... more
    • ((*cackles* Oh, just you wait for it.)) (nm) — Iximaz, Sun Sep 9 8:08pm
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