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Major General Dusk
Pure Love, Pure Blood - Chapter 1
Sun Sep 9, 2018 8:15pm

Dusk arrived at Beacon Academy, where Soluna started her adventure. Given the information from the fanfic that she replaced Blake Belladonna and started a relationship with Ruby Rose, Soluna Destiny was already disrupting both of the Team RWBY ships that Dusk felt with all of her heart should be canon. That made two charges, and Dusk had not even started watching yet. To be honest, Dusk could write down a list of every single charge while she was still reading the fanfic, and kill Soluna as soon as she saw her, but Upstairs would never approve of that, despite how brilliant of an idea it was. Quite brilliant, in fact. Dusk thus decided to do so as she was. Taking her pen in one hand, she wrote down every single charge she had encountered in the fanfiction.

[Author's Note: Bumblebee and White Rose are the best thing ever and anyone who says otherwise is a homophobe and needs to get off the Board.

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