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Oh,that was short!
Mon Sep 10, 2018 5:47pm

God story, but I thinku should spend more time on describing ur agent an the cut charries and stuff, since the whoel point f missison is 2 help the charries! Since che has all the charges already, we didn' get to see nething!

Also I don'r know this cnaon, so um, s it realla charfe if the 2 charries Suck lyks rn't a ship?


(( I swear to god, that's a natural typo of Dusk's name. {X D Missed the D and hit S, then the c instead of the s. I don't know why that second one happened, but I did it above in "che," too. *shrug!*

~Neshomeh ))

  • Pure Love, Pure Blood - Chapter 1Major General Dusk, Sun Sep 9 8:15pm
    Dusk arrived at Beacon Academy, where Soluna started her adventure. Given the information from the fanfic that she replaced Blake Belladonna and started a relationship with Ruby Rose, Soluna Destiny... more
    • Pure Love, Pure Blood - Everything Else, AbridgedMajor General Dusk, Sun Sep 16 5:22pm
      Seeing as it was the time of team-building by random selection, Dusk approached the courtyard and hopped up onto a wall, from on top of which she watched for her victim. Finally, she saw her target... more
      • *slowly raises finger*twistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 16 5:25pm
        *slowly puts finger back down* Never mind. -Twistey
    • But can we be... homophonic?<3<3<3, Thu Sep 13 1:51pm
      Poor Dusk is gonna get in over her head, for sure! Not that I expect the Sue to out-think her, oh no! ;)
    • Oh,that was short! — brandywine_baby89, Mon Sep 10 5:47pm
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