Ilraen's Vacation (Part II)
Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:06pm

Hey, guys! I finished another part of my fic!! Unfortunately, because of Da Rulez here, I have to link to it instead. Enjoy!

Link is NSFW GDoc

  • Ilraen's Vacation (Part I)MotherShipper, Tue Sep 4 4:55pm
    I really liked what Lemony Eggnog wrote earlier, and after talking with them for a bit I got a FANTASTIC idea for a story! The first part's really boring filler but I promise it'll get better!... more
    • Re: Ilraen's Vacation (Part I)MotherShipper, Wed Sep 26 7:01pm
      At long last, it's here! Sorry this took so long, I had to do a lot of research for it to make sure I got everything right. Thanks to LemonyEggnog for the concrit on Part II, by the way! I promise... more
      • (( My brain hurts. Good job?? {X D )) (nm)Neshomeh, Thu Sep 27 2:04pm
      • Uhhh, okay?JessamintheCreed99, Wed Sep 26 7:25pm
        Like I don't know why you'd dedicate that to me I mean it's like animal sex!! That's just gross! Dedicate some hot gay Jacques/Zeb smut to me, please k and thank you. And you know Zeb is totes the... more
        • Jacques/Zeb?DuskWater, Fri Sep 28 1:05pm
          Eww, they so don't belong together!! Zeb/Dawn OTP 5ever!!!!! And Jacques/Luxury or Jacques/Dax or No I've got it Jacques/Nume!!! lol they'd be great together don't u think?? ~~**DW****~~
          • How about a ship that actually makes sense?Lemony Eggnog, Fri Sep 28 1:56pm
            Jacques/Jenni. I mean, duh. Come on! Or, if you wanna make it really fun, Jacques/Jenni/Luxury. If you want crack shipping, but also want to make it marginally plausible, this is the team you want!... more
            • ...Jacques/Jenny?DuskWater, Fri Sep 28 2:11pm
              ...wasn't she with Nume?? ................JACQUES/NUME/JENNI AMIRIGHT OR AMIRIGHT ~*~*~*DW~~~~*****
              • ((The Ultimate Noncanon Shipchain))Thoth, Fri Sep 28 9:26pm
                Lemme see if I can pull this off. Right, starting from one character, as many as possible, no canon ships allowed, some kind of logic to the madness...... more
                • (( Oh god, why is Fellrazer in there?! ))Neshomeh, Sat Sep 29 12:06am
                  Okay, so there is an occasion where Gall uses the disguise generator to turn him human for a mission, but that mission isn't even finished yet, let alone published! Put Gremlin in there instead.... more
                  • ((Well...))Thoth, Sat Sep 29 6:39am
                    Gall cares about her dragon, and Derik likes dragons, and misses his dragon and... Yeah, I was being deliberately awful with that.
            • ((And I'm going to blame this squarely on you :P Though also on me, I suppose--I'm the one who decided a while back that he does still sometimes go to FicPsych, even after having done the initial... more
              • (( At some point, sure! ))Neshomeh, Fri Sep 28 11:55pm
                I don't think I should take on a new project until I knock one or two current ones off my docket, but that sounds fun. ^_^ As for canonical plans, Jenni is in a relationship with Suicide until at... more
    • Ilraen's Vacation (Part II) — MotherShipper, Mon Sep 10 10:06pm
      • I am disappoint.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 11:05am
        First, in response to your note: Okay but no. a) You didn't do that. I got that Ilraen was interested, but not even a hint of curiosity from Nume before the flowers. b) Even if you had, thinking... more
        • ok Flamer be that way!MotherShipper, Tue Sep 11 12:11pm
          ((Really, though, in case someone gets the wrong idea: Yeah, this very much isn't consent and it's terrible. Also, I maaaaay have lifted some of those descriptions straight out of Legendary Badfics.... more
      • o_o Well, one thing's for sure...<3<3<3, Tue Sep 11 10:18am
        Nume would NOT have tried it without that Bleepka! Is there such a thing as 'sexily girthy', though? I ask purely out of curiosity. This fic, on the whole, IS sexy - and it's only bestiality if the... more
      • Umm, okay...JessamintheCreed99, Tue Sep 11 10:07am
        You realize that this totally makes Nume a bestiality, right?
    • Should I apologize?Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 4 11:34pm
      No, wait, your edit says you're NOT actually blaming this on me. But on the other hand, I did eggnog you on last year, so I still feel somewhat responsible, especially if this ends up as M-rated as... more
    • Edit since I can't edit:MotherShipper, Tue Sep 4 4:58pm
      Hee, Internet usernames are so hard to get straight! ^_^ I didn't speak with Lemony Eggnog about this, but I did speak with someone else who had a similar idea.
      • I am cackling quietly. <3<3<3, Tue Sep 4 10:41pm
        One of my favorite tropes! You're all right, friend; you're all right.
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