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ok Flamer be that way!
Tue Sep 11, 2018 12:11pm

((Really, though, in case someone gets the wrong idea: Yeah, this very much isn't consent and it's terrible. Also, I maaaaay have lifted some of those descriptions straight out of Legendary Badfics. Fair warning, I'm planning--hoping?--for the focus on kink above all else to only get worse from here.

--Good Mod Addict, which should surprise almost no one at this point))

  • I am disappoint.Lemony Eggnog, Tue Sep 11 11:05am
    First, in response to your note: Okay but no. a) You didn't do that. I got that Ilraen was interested, but not even a hint of curiosity from Nume before the flowers. b) Even if you had, thinking... more
    • ok Flamer be that way! — MotherShipper, Tue Sep 11 12:11pm
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