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Nah, Flowers are just inefficient sadists and exploiters.
Tue Sep 11, 2018 3:06pm

I mean, if they were more pragmatic and left the Agents some actual regular sliver of hope for some down time (like a week of vacation each year, for starters), they'd leave them with something to yearn for and soldier on through the madness.

But naaah, gotta work the Agents to the bone and sanity's end, then complain about them keeping snapping when they pretty much use the most destructive policies regarding their employees, all this while they're 'busy' relaxing inside their offic– Oups, you're Security... And actually one from the division backing up agents and the likes, nevermind.

...Yeah, one hour a week guaranteed to do interesting things feels like it woud be nice. This conversation would have probably been going more regularly than this.

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  • Son.Sgt. Maj. [Ret] Emiranlanoamar of Gallifrey, Thu Sep 6 5:48pm
    I am a veteran of the Last Great Time War, a conflict that spanned dimensions and the very essence of time itself. I watched timelines been born, age, wither, and die in the blink of an eye, orders... more
    • Nah, Flowers are just inefficient sadists and exploiters. — Hardric, Tue Sep 11 3:06pm
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