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((Oh man, I almost forgot about that one))
Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:10am

((From what I remember, I started it as a straight-up rewrite of the original with a bunch of OC agents, then you made it more like a proper OFU with representations of those characters' authors. So, uh, continue on those lines, I guess? Glad you have something prepared; that's better than yours truly.))

  • ((More response later, but the PPC OFU...))Zingenmir, Tue Sep 4 12:32pm
    ((...seems to be going ahead, at least on my part. I can't promise it'll have exactly the same flavor, since it's been a year, I don't remember much of anything I had planned, and so on, but I kind... more
    • ((Oh man, I almost forgot about that one)) — eatpraylove, Wed Sep 12 11:10am
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