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Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 2)
Wed Sep 12, 2018 12:19pm

Marisa gently touched her laptop - then frowned.

No, not this way. I want it to be MUTUAL.

Her Manual, still confused, shuddered, and Marisa briefly thougth she'd had the right idea after all.

/Haven't we been through this?/ it said, however, and her face fell.

"Aww, I wanted it to be a surprise!"

Her Manual said nothing, loudly.

"Okya, fine, let's start this over. If I wanted to show you physical affection, how should I go about it?"

It sputtered. /You are fifteen! I have known you since you were ten./

Marisa giggled seducitvly. "Now who's being irrational?"

If it had been human, it would have gulped. Very dramatic.

A/N: Yes, another cliffhanger! I've gotta take SERIOUS time to think through these mechanics! |D

  • Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 1)nottheLonePower, Tue Sep 11 12:11pm
    So I was lokking around the YW fandom (thats YOUNG WIZARDs not YOU'RE WELCOME... I mean, that oo), and tehre was NO PORN of the kind I am about to show you. N ot even any Dairine/Spot!!! Bu t anyway, ... more
    • Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 2) — nottheLonePower, Wed Sep 12 12:19pm
      • Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 3) theNotLonePower, Wed Sep 12 4:53pm
        (Beta for nottheLonePower here! As it has been determined that there are some things she cannot do without descending into gibberish (and not the usual storm of typos), I told her she could either... more
        • Waaaaaaaaiiiiiit.......brandywine_baby89, Thu Sep 13 2:37pm
          IS this SLARSH?!?! WEW! U can't do slarhs w/a PPC MAnual, thats' GROSS! How is this ecven in the PPC neway?Thers no missions, only this grl whose linving in her paresnt house luike a LOSER. SO... more
          • Haa, YOU WISH. Or... not wishnottheLonePower, Thu Sep 13 3:32pm
            That, and she's FIFTEEN. :V So tere! Beta-reader: And you are? Shush, Beta; youre here because you WANT to, not cause of pay! Adn this is from a Young Wizards!PPC AU! =D Diffrnt kind of Manual.
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