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Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 3)
Wed Sep 12, 2018 4:53pm

(Beta for nottheLonePower here! As it has been determined that there are some things she cannot do without descending into gibberish (and not the usual storm of typos), I told her she could either settle for 'Ikea Erotica' or go for the humanization.

Considering who's writing this chapter, I think you can imagine how that went.

So, uh, enjoy?)

"Sooo, this is the code I'd want to mess with in order for you to perceive sensations like I do?" Marisa asked, poking the relevant area of the laptop's screen for good measure.

/I contest the use of 'mess with', but, in essence, yes./ her Manual admitted.

Marisa whipped her hair back and forth quickly looked behind her at her already-closed door, suddenly nervous.

/You do remember your parents won't be home for a while yet, yes?/

Privately, her Manual wondered if being called on errantry so often over the past five years had left her twitchy - but telling her to not do work came with its own host of problems.

Meanwhile, independent of her Instrumentality's considerations, Marisa nodded.

"And Sam has his meeting, and none of my friends come to my house to hang out; I always go to theirs."

Turning back, there was an unexpectedly vulnerable look in her eyes.

"That's not a bad thing, is it?"

Considering the fit your parents would throw over you having a sleepover here, it's exactly the opposite.

Well, that was what it wanted to say - but really, this was not the time. Instead:

/No, Marisa. And,/ it added, addressing the other question the wizard hadn't brought herself to ask.

/I do like spending time with you./

The smile that graced her face then was truly splendid.

Consent exchanged, they finally got to - ahem - business.

Attempts to describe just how it was (i.e., explicit details) fall short. I cannot properly convey whether a 'kiss' felt like a kiss upon flesh-and-blood lips, whether their caresses on the astral plane went upon curves and planes that humans even have, and of course orgasm is as hard to encapsulate as it always is.

But rest assured, it was had.


  • Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 2)nottheLonePower, Wed Sep 12 12:19pm
    Marisa gently touched her laptop - then frowned. No, not this way. I want it to be MUTUAL. Her Manual, still confused, shuddered, and Marisa briefly thougth she'd had the right idea after all.... more
    • Love is for EVERYBODY (pt 3) — theNotLonePower, Wed Sep 12 4:53pm
      • Waaaaaaaaiiiiiit.......brandywine_baby89, Thu Sep 13 2:37pm
        IS this SLARSH?!?! WEW! U can't do slarhs w/a PPC MAnual, thats' GROSS! How is this ecven in the PPC neway?Thers no missions, only this grl whose linving in her paresnt house luike a LOSER. SO... more
        • Haa, YOU WISH. Or... not wishnottheLonePower, Thu Sep 13 3:32pm
          That, and she's FIFTEEN. :V So tere! Beta-reader: And you are? Shush, Beta; youre here because you WANT to, not cause of pay! Adn this is from a Young Wizards!PPC AU! =D Diffrnt kind of Manual.
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