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A train wreck
Introducing myself
Wed Sep 12, 2018 7:50pm

Hey, I'm...not sure what screen name I want to use yet. I'd like to join the PPC! I was introduced to it by a friend, and I'm pondering ideas for my agent. What's the next step I should take? Thanks!

    • Belated welcome butOzzielot, Tue Sep 18 12:15pm
      Have a cupcake!
    • Re: Introducing myselfJacob175, Mon Sep 17 11:20pm
      Hiya, fellow new person. Have a good time here!
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Sat Sep 15 6:10pm
      You can have this pot of black-hole coffee. Enjoy it.
    • Welcome aboard!OpinionedAngel, Sat Sep 15 11:05am
      Here, have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Fri Sep 14 10:10pm
      Have one of my own shed feathers and a complimentary kit of Spikes!
    • HEY Y'ALL MEET MY IRL FRIEND :Vtwistedwindowpane, Fri Sep 14 7:43pm
      SHE'S PRETTY COOL AND WRITES ORIGINAL STUFF AND IS AN UNDERTALE MEMELORD :V (Alright, my newbie gift for you is a full cosplay costume for Helga from Lichtspeer. Because yes.) -Twistey
    • Greetings!Neshomeh, Thu Sep 13 1:43pm
      Here, have a bumper sticker! Sounds like we have some fandoms in common. Excellent. ^_^ May I ask who introduced you to the PPC? As for next steps, if you haven't read the Constitution and the... more
    • Hello!Snowblaze, Thu Sep 13 2:12am
      Welcome to the PPC! Have an uninflated Generic Balloon.
    • Hello!61516, Wed Sep 12 8:31pm
      Have a half-kilo of lembas bread. I would recommend deciding on a user name and saying what books/movies/etc. you're interested in, then just get posting.
      • Alright!Four Moons Watching, Wed Sep 12 8:36pm
        Changed to an actual screen name (I'm using my Discord name). I'm interested in Harry Potter, Pern, Firefly, LotR (a little, I know a bunch of the lore and very little else), Undertale, Homestuck,... more
        • Dai Stiho!S.M.F., Wed Sep 12 9:08pm
          /hands you some chocolate bark - specific kind is up to you!/ Have any badfics to share? Or goodfics, even!
        • Ok, you're in. (nm)61516, Wed Sep 12 8:44pm
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