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Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:18pm

Hello! I recently joined the Discord. I'm AstraSupra on FANDOM wiki. I've read a good amount of missions, but I really need to finish TOS. I don't really participate in fandom beyond talking to friends I RP with, so I'll list some of the things I like. I like Pokémon, Mario, Smash Bros., Fire Emblem, SPORE (video game), Crimson Skies (video game), Minecraft, The Familiars book series, City of Ember books, and the How To Train Your Dragon movies. I'm also partially familar with Harry Potter, Golden Sun, and a little bit of WoW, The Unwanteds first book, and Splatoon. (WoW and Splatoon were due to RP friends, which is also how I got into Fire Emblem.) I absolutely love playing video games, especially Pokémon Black, though I have been playing Mario Kart lately. I've replayed Pokemon Black five times. (My favourite Pokémon is Reshiram.) I also like to draw, roleplay, and read about genetics, epigenetics, evolution, and various other sciences.

I go by xe/xir or they/them pronouns. I lived in Canada for awhile, so you may see me mix American and British English spellings, and please let me know if I do. I slso have vision loss which leads to a lot of typoes, as a heads up, so I generally try to reread and fix typoes before and after posting.

    • Re: Hello!Jacob175, Mon Sep 17 11:20pm
      Hi there, fellow new person. Hope you have a good time here!
    • Hi!Ozzielot, Sat Sep 15 7:51pm
      Welcome to the PPC! Have a cupcake!
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Sat Sep 15 6:10pm
      Allow me to offer you a bag of black-hole chocolates.
    • Welcome aboard!OpinionedAngel, Sat Sep 15 11:04am
      Here, have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Fri Sep 14 10:11pm
      Aside from one of my own shed feathers, have a decorative replica of the Falchion, a redstone block, a working Golden Snitch, and a Toothless plushie!
    • Hey Aeon!twistedwindowpane, Fri Sep 14 7:51pm
      Here's an item from every fandom we at least partially share (Minecraft, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Unwanteds)! Welcome to the PPC! -Twistey
    • Welcome to the madhouse!eatpraylove, Fri Sep 14 9:21am
      *high-fives you* I share most of your fandoms, so I can tell we're gonna get along swimmingly. Have some popcorn and a pack of mechanical pencils! (.7mm lead, if you care about that) Enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome!Neshomeh, Thu Sep 13 1:48pm
      Have a bumper sticker: I figure that one fits your interest in genetics. Sort of. ^_~ What's new and fascinating on that front? I'm interested in those things myself, but not good at keeping up. What ... more
      • Re: Welcome!Aeon, Fri Sep 14 12:18am
        Sorry for the late answer! I havebeen hearing talk of utilising CRISPR to treat genetic diseases, and a clinical trial for doing just that for Usher's Syndrome Tupe II recently left the preliminary... more
        • In that case, I presume you know ofS.M.F., Fri Sep 14 1:31pm
          this video. ;) (It's very catchy.)
        • Ooh, CRISPR.Neshomeh, Fri Sep 14 10:29am
          No worries, there's no time limit. Well, sort of—threads drop off the front page as newer ones push them down, and then they're basically dead—but you're fine. {= ) I don't know about... more
        • Re: Welcome!Anonymous, Fri Sep 14 1:03am
          *Usher's Syndrome Type 2 Sorry about that typo.
    • Greetings, newbie!Snowblaze, Thu Sep 13 2:14am
      Have a pack of cards which may have some magical properties. Or, then again, they may not. I’m... pretty sure they won’t kill you.
      • Re: Greetings, newbie!Aeon, Thu Sep 13 2:33am
        *takes cards* Thanks for the greetings! ...that makes me wonder what these do.
        • I've decided...Snowblaze, Thu Sep 13 8:58am
          that they're Exploding Snap cards. If you're partially familiar with Harry Potter, you may not know what they are (to be honest, the clue's in the name) so have a handy link:... more
    • Dai Stiho! :DS.M.F., Wed Sep 12 9:11pm
      A pleasure to meet you. /hands over some chocolate bark - specifics are your choice!/ Have you looked at the Constitution, as well? Feel free to comment about on the Board. :>
      • Re: Dai Stiho! :DAeon, Wed Sep 12 9:29pm
        Nice to meet you as well! Yep, I've given the Constitution a look! And thank you for the chocolates. I'm actually not sure what else to comment on yet, oops. ^^;
    • Greetings and salutations!61516, Wed Sep 12 8:26pm
      Have a suit of very used and slightly holy Imperial Guard flak armor, guaranteed to last you your entire career! (Average lifespan of deployed Imperial Guardsman: 15 hours)
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