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Dai Stiho! :D
Wed Sep 12, 2018 9:11pm

A pleasure to meet you. /hands over some chocolate bark - specifics are your choice!/

Have you looked at the Constitution, as well? Feel free to comment about on the Board. :>

  • Hello!Aeon, Wed Sep 12 8:18pm
    Hello! I recently joined the Discord. I'm AstraSupra on FANDOM wiki. I've read a good amount of missions, but I really need to finish TOS. I don't really participate in fandom beyond talking to... more
    • Re: Hello!Jacob175, Mon Sep 17 11:20pm
      Hi there, fellow new person. Hope you have a good time here!
    • Hi!Ozzielot, Sat Sep 15 7:51pm
      Welcome to the PPC! Have a cupcake!
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Sat Sep 15 6:10pm
      Allow me to offer you a bag of black-hole chocolates.
    • Welcome aboard!OpinionedAngel, Sat Sep 15 11:04am
      Here, have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Fri Sep 14 10:11pm
      Aside from one of my own shed feathers, have a decorative replica of the Falchion, a redstone block, a working Golden Snitch, and a Toothless plushie!
    • Hey Aeon!twistedwindowpane, Fri Sep 14 7:51pm
      Here's an item from every fandom we at least partially share (Minecraft, How to Train Your Dragon, Harry Potter, Unwanteds)! Welcome to the PPC! -Twistey
    • Welcome!Neshomeh, Thu Sep 13 1:48pm
      Have a bumper sticker: I figure that one fits your interest in genetics. Sort of. ^_~ What's new and fascinating on that front? I'm interested in those things myself, but not good at keeping up. What ... more
      • Re: Welcome!Aeon, Fri Sep 14 12:18am
        Sorry for the late answer! I havebeen hearing talk of utilising CRISPR to treat genetic diseases, and a clinical trial for doing just that for Usher's Syndrome Tupe II recently left the preliminary... more
        • In that case, I presume you know ofS.M.F., Fri Sep 14 1:31pm
          this video. ;) (It's very catchy.)
        • Ooh, CRISPR.Neshomeh, Fri Sep 14 10:29am
          No worries, there's no time limit. Well, sort of—threads drop off the front page as newer ones push them down, and then they're basically dead—but you're fine. {= ) I don't know about... more
        • Re: Welcome!Anonymous, Fri Sep 14 1:03am
          *Usher's Syndrome Type 2 Sorry about that typo.
    • Greetings, newbie!Snowblaze, Thu Sep 13 2:14am
      Have a pack of cards which may have some magical properties. Or, then again, they may not. Iím... pretty sure they wonít kill you.
      • Re: Greetings, newbie!Aeon, Thu Sep 13 2:33am
        *takes cards* Thanks for the greetings! ...that makes me wonder what these do.
        • I've decided...Snowblaze, Thu Sep 13 8:58am
          that they're Exploding Snap cards. If you're partially familiar with Harry Potter, you may not know what they are (to be honest, the clue's in the name) so have a handy link:... more
    • Dai Stiho! :D — S.M.F., Wed Sep 12 9:11pm
      • Re: Dai Stiho! :DAeon, Wed Sep 12 9:29pm
        Nice to meet you as well! Yep, I've given the Constitution a look! And thank you for the chocolates. I'm actually not sure what else to comment on yet, oops. ^^;
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