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Wed Sep 12, 2018 11:55pm

Ooooh maaan I loved this! I love more of HQ, and I love you giving voice to characters who are usually just background. Alice in particular: it's great seeing her have a chance to really be the mearh that she is, rather than just being clustered in with the other horses.

I love the language system you use for both the wolves and horses. They respectively make excellent use of canine and equine body language, and I especially love the detail that the horses can only naturally express themselves in present tense, since an herbivorous prey animal generally lives moment-to-moment.

I still haven't read any Discworld because I am a terrible person with no free time, but I rather feel like I know pretty much all I need to know of them from your portrayal of their culture. Great seeing them get a home of their own in HQ, all these years after Kippur first "recruited" them. I love that they've essentially fashioned themselves into a security department of sorts, possibly without even realizing the official ones exist?

Poor Blue. Blue deserves a visit from some friends, hS!

I find the idea of a cemetery in HQ rather sweet, actually. It would be a quieter place to visit a loved one's resting place than having to walk through crowds at New Caledonia.

Heh. What a finale, after going through all that mystery, just to have a mimed performance with only one word of dialogue. I love it! Very PPC.

I have one question, about this line:
Renegade PPCers? Ispace? The EPC? The Quill?
Since the first three are all fandom-based enemies, I assume the Quill is as well? I don't think I've heard of them before, though. Where is that from?

—doctorlit, the Book Shook Man

  • HQ story: Courtyard LifeHuinesoron, Wed Sep 12 4:54am
    Over the past couple of years, I've been playing about a bit with the Miss Cam Courtyard, home to Alice the telepathic horse and her herd. I've dropped off a pack of mini-wolves there, and in general ... more
    • Re: story — doctorlit, Wed Sep 12 11:55pm
    • I said I wanted more...Thoth, Wed Sep 12 2:37pm
      And I wasn't disappointed. More of General POV, that is. He is the best. Or is it a she? It? They? I dunno. The creature of ambiguous gender is the best.
    • Heehee.Neshomeh, Wed Sep 12 12:14pm
      That was fun. ^_^ So, now it's to be a four-way truce between the horses, the wolves, the Feegle, and the povs? (And, darnit, now I'm mad I didn't get around to writing my story that would've given... more
    • /stifles squees/S.M.F., Wed Sep 12 12:12pm
      A nuanced language, indeed! And the reasonable leaders continue to be reasonable, much to the relief of all involved. Also, horse language doesn't normally have a past-tense, if I understand that... more
    • In other words, my favourite kind of PPC writing. =] Not much else to say on that score. It was interesting to see the different points of view and different narrators - none of them human - and the... more
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