Sun Sep 16, 2018 12:09pm

Oldbie on the board!

Thank you to Zing for actually telling me who you are. I am... waay too new to have known. Welcome back! Have a cup of Klah, and get comfortable, assuming you intend to stay for any length of time.

  • Re: Census 2018: Census ReloadedHellga, Sat Sep 15 11:49pm
    Looks like I chose a good moment to poke my nose back here. :)
    • Yay!Neshomeh, Mon Sep 17 3:10pm
      It's always nice to see you when you pop in. ^_^ FYI, the Lost Tales team recently overhauled the whole site to convert it to CSS. I tried to keep SIELU looking as close as possible to the original,... more
      • Re: Yay!Hellga, Sun Sep 23 10:53pm
        Thanks for letting me know, I will take a look. I really have fallen out of all things fandom-y...
    • Oh hey Hellga!Huinesoron, Mon Sep 17 5:57am
      It's always fun to see a Proper Oldbie show back up here. :) (You may be... pleased? Intrigued? Alarmed? ... to know that I currently have an agent in SIELU who speaks only Primitive Quendian from... more
      • Re: Oh hey Hellga!Hellga, Sun Sep 23 10:56pm
        Interesting. I am glad that SIELU is not completely abandoned, and if it does attract some rather... strange... characters - well, it kind of fits with its original intent. And with Poison Ivy's... more
    • *waves, offers SPaGhetti* (nm)Iximaz, Sun Sep 16 12:31pm
      • Re: *waves, offers SPaGhetti* Hellga, Sun Sep 23 10:58pm
        Thanks! I don't think we have ever interacted, but I do remember your name for some reason. Must be the unusual sound combination. Just wait until someone appropriates it as a drug name!
    • Eeep! — Thoth, Sun Sep 16 12:09pm
      • Re: Eeep!Hellga, Sun Sep 23 11:00pm
        Thanks! Yes, the last time I was actually ACTIVE on these boards was more than 10 years ago. Funny how time flies...
    • My goodness.Zingenmir, Sun Sep 16 9:22am
      Hello! Welcome back to the Board! How is everything? What brought you back here now? (We've never met that I know of, but. I mean. You created SIELU , which is pretty darn cool, especially since I... more
      • Re: My goodness.Hellga, Sun Sep 23 11:00pm
        Oh, thanks for keeping SIELU alive as the original agent Hellga has succumbed to the monster that is mortgage and its evil friends in adulting. :)
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