The Newbie Rebellion
You're in.
Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:30pm

I don't know what that means as of now - S. P. U. D. has not yet replied with a counter-spinoff for us to counter-spinoff. I suppose you could take advantage of that to spinoff "We've All Got Something" and turn things in our favor. I shall be archiving every part of the battle, as always.

  • This is sooo kewl!AwesomePrincessMinty, Sun Sep 16 7:41am
    I just luv tis idea - its like dubledores army and the minsty of majik!!!111111! i defintly want to join the rebellion! (Me and Minty in the same rebellion... that means things are going to get... more
    • You're in. — The Newbie Rebellion, Sun Sep 16 5:30pm
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