We've All Been Dominated (spinoff of WAGS)
Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:45am

"Well," said Huinesoron a few minutes later, "that was easy."

Neshomeh finished pushing the last of the so-called Newbie Rebellion through the portal. "Yes; you'd have expected them to actually train in combat before trying to attack us."

"Expected? Of newbies?" Kaitlyn sniffed. "In my day, perhaps, but the entire population has gone downhill since then. That's why we do this."

"I know, I know." Neshomeh shut the portal down and returned to her entirely-deserved throne. "What will happen to them, anyway?"

"I threw a temperospatial claudication on the portal manifold," Juliette said, tapping the controls set into the arm of her chair. "Put simply, it will reset them to their fifth birthdays, and force them to live through their childhoods again." She ran a hand through her brightly-coloured hair. "Perhaps this time they'll make better choices."

"Entirely reasonable and fair," Huinesoron said, "and I'm very glad none of them forced me to hurt them."

"As if you ever could." Kaitlyn leant over and patted his arm. "If we weren't both gay, I would marry you because of how awesome you are."

"No, stop it," Huinesoron protested. "We're all awesome in this room, you know that."

Neshomeh chuckled. "Very true," she said. "But I'm not going to be marrying her, if that's what you're thinking."

"It wouldn't work anyway," Kaitlyn said, not without a thoughtful look. "We can't afford anyone else connecting the members of S.P.U.D."

"Ah, my dear colleague," said Huinesoron, settling back into his throne, "do you really think there's anyone out there we couldn't deal with?"


Authors' Note: As if any rabble of newbies could dream of taking on the Oldbies. Luckily, unlike the children, we know the Oldbies to be both merciful and generous in victory.

  • We've All Got Something (spinoff of Exercising Dominion)The Newbie Rebellion, Fri Sep 14 7:48pm
    Thoth looked at the Words with alarm. “What the?” he wondered out loud. “How long has this been going on?” “How long has what been going on?” asked Twistey, as she approached him with an armful of... more
    • We've All Been Dominated (spinoff of WAGS) — S.P.U.D., Mon Sep 17 5:45am
      • You cheted!AwesomePrincessMinty, Mon Sep 17 1:59pm
        Its not far to bet us so much that we cant fite bak wihout tim skips or dues ex machia! (Stupid spellcheck... the typos are deliberate, okay?)
      • Because "If we weren't both gay, I would marry you because of how awesome you are." outright contradicts from the reality of the matter... at least how I understand it! ;)
        • Oh you poor, benighted newbie.S.P.U.D., Mon Sep 17 9:48am
          I know you're a newbie, because you are not an Oldbie. Don't worry - we are all new compared to their magnificence. It is certainly true that our fabled Oldbies, Kaitlyn and Huinesoron, are married;... more
    • This is sooo kewl!AwesomePrincessMinty, Sun Sep 16 7:41am
      I just luv tis idea - its like dubledores army and the minsty of majik!!!111111! i defintly want to join the rebellion! (Me and Minty in the same rebellion... that means things are going to get... more
      • You're in.The Newbie Rebellion, Sun Sep 16 5:30pm
        I don't know what that means as of now - S. P. U. D. has not yet replied with a counter-spinoff for us to counter-spinoff. I suppose you could take advantage of that to spinoff "We've All Got... more
    • I didn’t expect...Snowblaze , Sat Sep 15 2:43am
      to be featured in a badfic! I don’t think I ever officially stated my pronouns, but for future reference they’re female. I don’t think I’d last more than a second in the battle against the oldbies... more
      • Of course!The Newbie Rebellion, Sat Sep 15 8:33pm
        Since you're one of the fellow newbies I know decently well (this is Twistey here, but don't tell), I figured I'd stick you in to give us a good number of resistance folks.
        • I might have guessed...Snowblaze, Sun Sep 16 7:38am
          that you were Twistey. The line about the Wolfenstein 3D parody was a dead giveaway.
          • :E|ctwistedwindowpane, Sun Sep 16 4:50pm
            (Hope you understand this emoticon, er.) I figured that since Thoth knows a bit about classic iD Software games, it could slide, but y'know... -Twistey
            • It'd be Doom, thenThoth, Mon Sep 17 9:49am
              Also, I think only you would write this and everyone knows it. ^_^
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