Oh hey Hellga!
Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:57am

It's always fun to see a Proper Oldbie show back up here. :)

(You may be... pleased? Intrigued? Alarmed? ... to know that I currently have an agent in SIELU who speaks only Primitive Quendian from before the Elves headed off to Valinor. He also believes writing is an affront to language. Nobody gets on with him much. ^_^)


  • Re: Census 2018: Census ReloadedHellga, Sat Sep 15 11:49pm
    Looks like I chose a good moment to poke my nose back here. :)
    • Yay!Neshomeh, Mon Sep 17 3:10pm
      It's always nice to see you when you pop in. ^_^ FYI, the Lost Tales team recently overhauled the whole site to convert it to CSS. I tried to keep SIELU looking as close as possible to the original,... more
      • Re: Yay!Hellga, Sun Sep 23 10:53pm
        Thanks for letting me know, I will take a look. I really have fallen out of all things fandom-y...
    • Oh hey Hellga! — Huinesoron, Mon Sep 17 5:57am
      • Re: Oh hey Hellga!Hellga, Sun Sep 23 10:56pm
        Interesting. I am glad that SIELU is not completely abandoned, and if it does attract some rather... strange... characters - well, it kind of fits with its original intent. And with Poison Ivy's... more
    • *waves, offers SPaGhetti* (nm)Iximaz, Sun Sep 16 12:31pm
      • Re: *waves, offers SPaGhetti* Hellga, Sun Sep 23 10:58pm
        Thanks! I don't think we have ever interacted, but I do remember your name for some reason. Must be the unusual sound combination. Just wait until someone appropriates it as a drug name!
    • Eeep!Thoth, Sun Sep 16 12:09pm
      Oldbie on the board! Thank you to Zing for actually telling me who you are. I am... waay too new to have known. Welcome back! Have a cup of Klah, and get comfortable, assuming you intend to stay for... more
      • Re: Eeep!Hellga, Sun Sep 23 11:00pm
        Thanks! Yes, the last time I was actually ACTIVE on these boards was more than 10 years ago. Funny how time flies...
    • My goodness.Zingenmir, Sun Sep 16 9:22am
      Hello! Welcome back to the Board! How is everything? What brought you back here now? (We've never met that I know of, but. I mean. You created SIELU , which is pretty darn cool, especially since I... more
      • Re: My goodness.Hellga, Sun Sep 23 11:00pm
        Oh, thanks for keeping SIELU alive as the original agent Hellga has succumbed to the monster that is mortgage and its evil friends in adulting. :)
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