Oh you poor, benighted newbie.
Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:48am

I know you're a newbie, because you are not an Oldbie. Don't worry - we are all new compared to their magnificence.

It is certainly true that our fabled Oldbies, Kaitlyn and Huinesoron, are married; they are an inspiration to us all in this matter. Of course, their romance was founded on their growing dominance of the PPC, so we cannot follow precisely in their footsteps, but we should do the best we may.

However, unlike some newbies, we at the Society for the Promotion of Oldbie Dominion remember that the Oldbies and their namesake agents are entirely different people. Within the walls of PPC HQ, both Agents Kaitlyn and Huinesoron have been confirmed to be gay. It is these characters who, we suggest, are members of the in-universe S.P.U.D., and who are speaking in this story of ours.

  • Because "If we weren't both gay, I would marry you because of how awesome you are." outright contradicts from the reality of the matter... at least how I understand it! ;)
    • Oh you poor, benighted newbie. — S.P.U.D., Mon Sep 17 9:48am
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