With so many AU!Oldbies, how do you keep them straight? /pun (nm
Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:30am

  • Oh you poor, benighted newbie.S.P.U.D., Mon Sep 17 9:48am
    I know you're a newbie, because you are not an Oldbie. Don't worry - we are all new compared to their magnificence. It is certainly true that our fabled Oldbies, Kaitlyn and Huinesoron, are married;... more
    • Wait, wait, I'm confused.Lemony Eggnog, Mon Sep 17 3:38pm
      Does the in-universe PPC even have the same concept of "Oldbies" as the IRL PPC? Isn't it more like newbies and veterans? And doesn't surviving for like a year make you a veteran? How does this work? ... more
      • Are you even paying attention?S.P.U.D., Tue Sep 18 4:21am
        The S.P.U.D. in PPC HQ stands for the Society for the Procuration of Ultimate Dominion. There were originally twelve of them, though now they are down to just four. They would never use the term... more
      • As far as I know, A!hS's orientation has never come up in uniberse
        • ((Huh. Now I'm not sure.))Huinesoron, Tue Sep 18 4:16am
          So, A!hS is a Legoluster; it's kind of hinted at in his first mission, but not very strongly. And in his third, he tells fake!Arwen that she is so not his type. It's explicitly mentioned in his... more
    • With so many AU!Oldbies, how do you keep them straight? /pun (nm — <3<3<3, Mon Sep 17 11:30am
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