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Calliope and Mikelus
First Mission is Finally Done!
Wed Oct 3, 2018 5:11pm

Oh, gods, this has been a Project. But it's worth it.

And so, without further ado... welcome, one and all, to Response Center 369!

    • Re: mission (spoilers)doctorlit, Mon Oct 8 3:32pm
      Minecraft isn't really a property I'm familiar with at all, so while I can't say for sure, I at least feel like you've done a good job of analyzing this story in terms of what is and isn't correct... more
      • Thank you for the review!Calliope, Mon Oct 8 7:56pm
        To go in order of the points you've made, Alex and Ce'rana don't really feel like a team at this point in time because both of them have the tendency to mentally go "Alright, budge over, if I let you ... more
    • A solid first mission.Iximaz, Fri Oct 5 7:06am
      I could tell you guys were having fun with the Words literally interpreting the various typos. Personally, Iím a fan of the TNT everywhere ending. Imagining that explosion gave me joy. I do feel like ... more
      • Believe it or not...Calliope, Fri Oct 5 10:37am
        ...that was exactly what we were going for. At least in Ce'rana's case. It's something of a character point. Something that will have to be worked on and, one day, overcome. There are... more
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