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Calliope and Mikelus
First Mission is Finally Done!
Wed Oct 3, 2018 5:11pm

Oh, gods, this has been a Project. But it's worth it.

And so, without further ado... welcome, one and all, to Response Center 369!

    • *Blink. Blink.*Hieronymus Graubart, Thu Oct 18 6:38am
      "Wait! How did she manage to fall off the tree and off Alex at the same time? Or was that consecutive? She fell off the tree on Alexís head, and then fell off him?" "Actually, there is a note in the... more
    • Re: mission (spoilers)doctorlit, Mon Oct 8 3:32pm
      Minecraft isn't really a property I'm familiar with at all, so while I can't say for sure, I at least feel like you've done a good job of analyzing this story in terms of what is and isn't correct... more
      • Thank you for the review!Calliope, Mon Oct 8 7:56pm
        To go in order of the points you've made, Alex and Ce'rana don't really feel like a team at this point in time because both of them have the tendency to mentally go "Alright, budge over, if I let you ... more
    • A solid first mission.Iximaz, Fri Oct 5 7:06am
      I could tell you guys were having fun with the Words literally interpreting the various typos. Personally, Iím a fan of the TNT everywhere ending. Imagining that explosion gave me joy. I do feel like ... more
      • Believe it or not...Calliope, Fri Oct 5 10:37am
        ...that was exactly what we were going for. At least in Ce'rana's case. It's something of a character point. Something that will have to be worked on and, one day, overcome. There are... more
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