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Thirteenth Doctor: "The Woman Who Fell to Earth" reaction!
Sun Oct 7, 2018 6:50pm

With permission of the Discord channel, I have un-rot13'd the spoiler-heavy conversation we had in a separate channel and posted our reactions to the simulcast of Jodie Whittaker's first episode in a Google Drive.


    • "The Ghost Monument" reaction (spoilers)Huinesoron, Mon Oct 15 4:04am
      I liked this one! As I said last week , the pacing still feels excellent - once again, it let them delve a little deeper into the emotions of the week's cast than we might have otherwise. I am also... more
    • Spoilery thoughts:Huinesoron, Mon Oct 8 4:19am
      Non-spoilery opener: loved it. We managed to get the kids to sit through almost all of it (one never looked away, the other had to climb up next to me 15 minutes in), which bodes very well. More... more
      • Last I checked, I wasn't ever a mad scientist...The Aviator, Tue Oct 9 12:07pm
        (Zeb: "Didn't you once jury-rig the Pirates cannon with—?" "That doesn't count.") First of all, your kids sound adorable. Glad yours were able to sit through the episode, though Elanor falling asleep ... more
          • Kid? Excuse me, we're the same age.The Aviator, Wed Oct 10 5:25am
            Actually, I'm fifty years older than you. Just because you met me when I was still a child... *grumbles*
            • That depends entirely on how you count it.Morgan, Wed Oct 10 6:32am
              Given how perfectly possible it is for us to 'age' hundreds of years while stuck in one place - I think the Fisherman put on a couple of centuries in a badly-handled time-jump a couple of years back... more
              • ...Oh, god, I'd been trying to forget about that.The Aviator, Wed Oct 10 7:13am
                Um... confession time? That was a potion I'd nicked out of a mission. I was supposed to take it to the DMSE&R when Grey ambushed me and dragged me to the Council. So that one wasn't even my doing. As ... more
                • No, Moon Moon, that would be your attitude. (nm)Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed Oct 10 2:16pm
                  • Oh, come on, Grey.Morgan, Wed Oct 10 2:37pm
                    It's not even that I disagree with you about certain people acting young (though not so young as Fish, thank Omega), but do you deliberately sit down and think up the most provocative way to say... more
                    • You say that like you're ever not in need of a drink.Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Wed Oct 10 4:35pm
                      In answer to your question, though, I... do that. A lot. I am reliably informed it is a defence mechanism, designed to prevent unwarranted -- unwanted intimacy on the part of my peers whom otherwise... more
                      • Heads up, gang! The Notary's been replaced by a pod person!The Agent {& Disentangler}, Wed Oct 10 5:14pm
                        Maybe some sort of shape-shifter? Or a Raxicoricofalapatorian criminal, they like that sort of thing. {Oh, come on, Adil, you can see she's trying.} Hey, I never said I was complaining . I'm all for... more
                        • ((OOC: *tidies up mini-Reaper*))Scapegrace, Thu Oct 11 5:42am
                          It's spelled Raxacoricofallapatorian, jsyk =]
                          • ((The Agent knows;))Huinesoron, Thu Oct 11 6:03am
                            ((he just doesn't like them, so refuses to spell it right. ^_^ Or maybe it was a typo. ~hS))
                        • Obviously I am Jennifer Lawrence caked in blue sludge. (nm)Spinel Promotor Notary of the ConCounOfGaInEx, Thu Oct 11 5:02am
                          • [We open on the Really Very Tiny Auditorium, currently serving as the meeting-room of the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile. The room centres on a large circular table, on one side of which is ... more
                            • Okay, first of all, that was great.Iximaz, Thu Oct 11 8:54am
                              We need to write more ConCou stuff, I'd forgotten how much fun they were. The Guardsman definitely doesn't want anything to do with the Council's squabbling, but I don't think the Detective ever said ... more
                              • Well, you know what they say:Huinesoron, Thu Oct 11 9:52am
                                "It'd be awesome if you/Scape/Aegis/Zing/any other Time Lord owners wrote the next part of this scene, so we can find out where it goes!" Actually I'm pretty sure it's just me who says that. (And I'm ... more
                                • Actually. . .Aegis, Thu Oct 11 11:35am
                                  I could see the Detective getting pulled into the situation surprisingly easily. He'd be disgruntled and snarky about all the"Time Lord bureaucracy"and whatnot, obviously, since he's probably... more
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