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Legendary Badfics?
Mon Oct 8, 2018 2:57pm

Tolkien sliced and diced Morton Grady Zimmerman's screenplay (And does anyone here attend and/or work at Marquette University? They've got the travesty in their Tolkien collection).

    • *eyebrow* Interesting.eatpraylove, Tue Oct 16 5:25pm
      I don't believe they qualify as legendary badfics since a) they're far less well-known than the Jackson films and b) they were never released to the general public anyway, but this is a neat little... more
    • Ahhh, the Boorman script.Huinesoron, Tue Oct 9 5:19am
      I've spent a fair amount of effort collating all the known information on it, which I've put together here (now including a few notes from this article). It's worth a read! Visually, it actually... more
    • Technically it's still canon.Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Mon Oct 8 11:03pm
      Even if it's absolutely terrible in every way. I mean if we could just dismiss every bad adaptation as legendary badfic there would be a lot of movies on the pile. Eragon , the Percy Jackson films,... more
        • Don't quote me on this...Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Tue Oct 16 6:22pm
          But I think the Boorman script was actually a licensed adaptation for a little bit. So even though plans fell through (thank Eru ) it still holds a position somewhere more canonical than fanfic but... more
      • There's D&D films?!twistedwindowpane, Sun Oct 14 8:16pm
        Now I want to see that. Especially since you said they were bad. I absolutely love poorly made/cheesy things. Can you give me the rundown on what all you found notable about them? -Twistey
        • Ah, the D&D films...Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Mon Oct 15 2:29am
          I'm going to preface this with a disclaimer: I've never played D&D. But I think I can still recognize an awful movie when I see one. And spoilers, I guess? Alright, so there are three of them:... more
      • There's Noodle Incident potential there.Tawaki, Thu Oct 11 11:57am
        "I knew Fifty Shades was horrid, but I still thought THAT was a charge!"
        • Yeah, definitely.Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Thu Oct 11 6:37pm
          "... and for having him track your phone without your knowledge or consent and portraying it as romantic . For these crimes you are sentenced to --" "You can't charge for that," Sophie said, lowering ... more
    • Didn't we already do Boorman?61516, Mon Oct 8 5:25pm
      Here's the department of WhatThe mission in question:
      • Yes, I did. :)Huinesoron, Tue Oct 9 4:49am
        It's worth highlighting that not only did I do a mission into Boorman canon, I found an actual badfic of Boorman canon. (I mean, 'badfic' in that it's a hilarious parody of what the Boorman script... more
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