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Mini appearances in canon
Tue Oct 9, 2018 9:22am

The Ghostbusters Master System game misspelled Gozer as Gorza. Can you think of other canonical minis?

    • I can't really think of any, but thanks for making my day!twistedwindowpane, Sun Oct 14 8:22pm
      Hehe, I was into Ghostbusters for a while (the original, though the reboot wasn't yet a thing when I started), and my favorite character was Gozer, because up until recently I've always gravitated... more
    • Re: Mini appearances in canonTawaki, Fri Oct 12 11:37am
      In a journal in Riven , Gehn misspelled "wahrk" as "whark". Don't know what an Agatha Christie mini would be, but a copy of Death Comes as the End spelled "Imhotep" (the father's name) as "Imhtep"... more
      • I think they should be mini-corpses. (nm)Snowblaze, Sat Oct 13 8:45am
        • o.O Because that's not disturbing at all. (nm)Huinesoron, Sat Oct 13 4:53pm
          • I suppose it is, but...Snowblaze , Sun Oct 14 3:01am
            Thatís about the only thing I could think of that connects almost all of the books. There arenít any monsters or anything, so I donít know what else it would be.
            • A mini-Grey Cell?Huinesoron, Sun Oct 14 9:37am
              Only more of a really big Grey Cell. You can buy some really adorable plushie cells, I'm sure there's a cute neuron out there. hS
              • That made me grin.Snowblaze , Sun Oct 14 9:59am
                I suppose it makes sense for a mini of something thatís already little to be big. Maybe Average-Sized Grey Cells? Or would that mean average by grey cell standards - still little? Not really sure it... more
                • I think it does, actually.Huinesoron, Sun Oct 14 5:54pm
                  Inarguably, all of Christie's heroes make extensive use of their brains. Arguably, ze little grey cells are also the prime antagonist: specifically, when they're /not/ doing their job and putting the ... more
                  • I almost pity the fangirls...Snowblaze , Mon Oct 15 11:49am
                    at the Agatha Christie OFU. Their schemes will never last ten seconds without the grey cells figuring them out and thwarting them in the most ironic way possible. ...then again, thatís more or less... more
                    • Re: I almost pity the fangirls...Tawaki, Tue Oct 16 7:47am
                      And the most cunning of her detectives and the most cunning of her criminals would put their heads together to find novel ways of thwarting them. Of course, most of the incidents would have to be of... more
                    • I am soooooo fed up...Huinesoron, Mon Oct 15 11:53am
                      ... of people giving me amazing ideas for OFUs that I know full well I would never, ever be able to write. So you can have this one. ^_^ hS
                      • I couldnít write it either.Snowblaze , Tue Oct 16 3:05am
                        My canonical knowledge is nowhere near good enough: I havenít read all the books and those that I have I got from the library.
    • Glory to the Marines Errantor!61516, Thu Oct 11 8:56pm
      This obscure chapter of Space Marines appeared in the Warhammer 40,000 supplement "Chapter Approved 2001." They are probably a typo of "Marines Errant," a chapter mentioned elsewhere in the same... more
    • Not exactly canon but...Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Thu Oct 11 3:07am
      I had a junior high unit study of The Lord of the Rings that tried to refer to Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli as "The Threee Hunters". For some reason it stuck with me all this time. My copy of The Lord ... more
      • By the way...Snowblaze, Fri Oct 12 2:33am
        Have you had time to look at my Permission doc yet? I emailed it last week. Sorry if Iím being too impatient: Iím new to being beta-read so I donít know how long it usually takes.
    • I've been keeping a running list!doctorlit, Wed Oct 10 8:45am
      typo (correct spelling), source Laner (Lanier), from Greg Bear's Eon ~ A bunch of mini-Hunters out of the Halo universe: Librae 23 (23 Librae), from Tobias Buckell's The Cole Protocol Adrienne... more
      • And don't forget...Neshomeh, Thu Oct 11 3:22pm
        Suicides (Suicide\Suicide's), from Tungsten Monk's copy of Stephen Pressfield's Gates of Fire . That's the dubious and probably-not-a-good-idea-to-repeat way in which we got Agent Suicide. {= )... more
        • I've had a copy of Gates of Fire . . .doctorlit, Thu Oct 11 11:03pm
          on my shelf for years. I'm looking forward to finding Suicide's origin point! —It's such a shame that doctorlit has no control over what order he reads books, and that the books themselves... more
        • *StevenNeshomeh, Thu Oct 11 3:25pm
          Dammit, Muphry's Law got me! {X D ~Neshomeh
    • My personal favorite from Harry Potter:Iximaz, Tue Oct 9 11:50am
      Snap was spying on me and he was taking a video tape of me! The one misspelling My Immortal got right. :P
    • I can!Huinesoron, Tue Oct 9 9:55am
      The (in)famous Bakshi LotR movie referred to Saruman as Aruman about half the time. Apparently they were concerned people would confuse the two S-villains... but that doesn't explain why they only... more
      • Re your question...Iximaz, Tue Oct 9 11:51am
        Probably no more than the Percy Jackson demigods calling Enceladas "Enchiladas". :P
        • Well, does that count?Huinesoron, Tue Oct 9 11:58am
          A deliberate nickname is one thing - I don't think we have a mini-Balrog named Leggy, for instance. But getting the name wrong because you misheard or misread it is a classic way to create a mini.... more
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