How about a game of Fill The Plothole?
Fri Oct 12, 2018 8:52pm

As usual, the prompts are descriptions of fanfics. The twist: they were generated by a neural net. The full list of plot summaries can be found here: http://aiweirdness.com/search/fanfic

A Hero’s Tale by orphan _ account | Harry Potter is a wizard, and he is a wizard. He is a wizard. He is a wizard, a wizard, a wizard, and a son. He is also a Slytherin, and he is a wizard. He is a wizard, and he is a wizard. He is also a wizard, and he has not been the one to be a father.

A Game of Happy - Heart
Harry Potter is a sixth year student at Hogwarts. And he has a plan. When a strange new teacher shows up with his cousin he finds out that he is not an orphan, but he is not always a werewolf .

Birds of a Saturday by SasuNarufan13
Harry Potter is drunk and discovers he is an alternate universe.

In The Alteri Silence by Forest_of_Holly for roscreens41
Snape receives life after plants to do by work over whether they get into. Just Hell.

    • A Hero's TaleLonelyStar, Sat Oct 13 5:32am
      A Hero's Tale, or: Harry Potter and the Potions Accident Harry Potter is a wizard. And also a wizard. And another wizard. And a few more wizards. And quite possibly a witch too. There were a lot of... more
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