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I知 New
Sat Oct 13, 2018 7:57pm


    • Hello there (nm)Shade, Wed Oct 17 6:02am
    • Howdy ho, newbie!eatpraylove, Tue Oct 16 5:15pm
      Have some popcorn and a pack of cat-shaped sticky notes!
    • Welcome!twistedwindowpane, Sun Oct 14 8:28pm
      Hi Cringe-Factoryy! My name is Twistey, and I'm a Boarder of one year. I have a lot of ideas that I tend to overplan. I guess that's all I can say about myself right now. So, I know this has been... more
      • Hello!Anonymous, Mon Oct 15 12:25am
        I tend to over plan as well. In fact, I致e already claimed a badfic even though I知 still procrastinating-er, editing my permission attempt.
    • Welcome!Ozzielot, Sun Oct 14 4:45pm
      Have a cupcake!
    • Hi!Grundleplith, Sun Oct 14 3:17pm
      Care to share anything else? You're welcome here either way but I think we'd like to get to know you more, Oh! Have a geniune WWII-vintage M-22 "Locust" light tank, complete with ammunition and fuel! ... more
    • Welcome!Helsinki, Sun Oct 14 10:49am
      Tell us a little about yourself! Have an industrial-grade bouncy ball!
    • First plover!Tawaki, Sun Oct 14 8:55am
      BTW, what are your fandoms?
      • FandomsCringe-Factoryy, Mon Oct 15 12:30am
        I知 in the HP Fandom, but I also tend to partially read/watch things and forget about them so technically I know a lot of fandoms, like the first 3 or so seasons of RWBY, etc, and later I値l be able... more
    • Greetings!Snowblaze , Sun Oct 14 2:37am
      Have a bottle of Generic Liquid. It turns into whatever you expect it to be, so make sure you think it痴 something nice! What are your fandoms? I hope we share some!
    • Greetings and salutations!61516, Sat Oct 13 10:32pm
      Have a slightly holy suit of used Imperial Guard flak armor, guaranteed to last you the rest of your life (average lifespan of deployed Imperial Guardsman: 15hrs).
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