National Novel Writing Month 2018!
Fri Nov 2, 2018 9:30am

Yes, it's that time again: NaNoWriMo, 30 days (29 left!) to write a full, 50K word novel. It's one of the best ways I know of to break the 'I should probably start writing' jam, and I heartily recommend it to everyone. And remember, as the old motto says: No plot? No problem!

Predictably enough, I'm on the website as Huinesoron. This is my sixth NaNo, and this year I'm trying something a little different. (No, Nesh, not Quon Vet.)

Hearthfires is a collection of short stories covering a bewildering variety of topics. The one I've started is the tale of Ceridwen, a mage in the service of the last reigning Prince of Wales, but the plan includes everything from a Greek Mythology mystery to a post-Singularity... uh, mystery again, come to think of it. It's not all detective stories, I promise. ^_^

So who else is taking part? And what are you working on?


    • Err, I sort of am?Badger421, Thu Nov 8 8:18pm
      A bit, kinda? I kinda completely failed to prepare at all in October, and when November finally rolled around I had to scramble to pick a story idea and decide what to do with it. Then when I finally ... more
    • Oh, NaNoWriMo!Cringe-Factoryy, Sun Nov 4 3:49pm
      I actually remember taking part a few years ago. The ending result included multiple Sues, excessive dialogue, and match butchering of various mythologies. Needless to say, it has been destroyed.... more
    • Me too baybee!Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Fri Nov 2 11:51pm
      I'm Collin Frisbee on the site if you want to send me rude messages over it in order to slow me down and thus gain an edge over me in the competition. I'm writing Lamppost Saint , a sort of episodic... more
    • Me too!Snowy the Sane Fangirl, Fri Nov 2 4:02pm
      I've tried to get started several years, but never even got in the first day of writing. But this year I did, so I'm very excited! I'm actually cracking down on a fanfiction, Kathryn's Adventures in... more
    • Sadly, much as I'd love to...Iximaz, Fri Nov 2 3:37pm
      I'm stretched a bit thin this time around. I've got two short films to write, produce, direct, edit... and two essays as well. That being said, I am halfheartedly poking at a superhero story... more
    • I am!eatpraylove, Fri Nov 2 10:35am
      I forgot to get a website account this year, probably because last year I did one of the summer sessions. This year, after consulting 7th Sanctum's random plot generators more times than is probably... more
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