Tomash reads: The Labyrinth Index (Laundry Files #9)
Sat Nov 3, 2018 9:42pm

So, since I spent a few hours straight reading it, here are my thoughts on the latest Laundry Files book (for those who don't know, the premise of this series is, roughly "you can summon Lovcraftian horrors by performing computations (ie, running an app on your phone), and the government is (obviously) covering this up. But this is the government, so all the usual bureaucratic BS applies.", giving us a series that's a cross between Lovecraftian horror, spy novels, and an office comedy.)

So, first, the non-spoilery thoughts: the somewhat non-linear narrative was a bit confusing to follow (but that makes sense, given what the plot is). Also, the footnotes continue to be good stuff.

Now, spoilers (rot13'd, or maybe they're in Old Enochian, or both): Guvf obbx jnfa'g n "vg tbg jbefr" genva yvxr gur ynfg bar, juvpu vf n avpr oernx. Jvgu Ybat-Grez Pbagvahvgl Bcf (qrqvpngrq gb qrsrngvat gur Cevzr Zvavfgre) naq gur vagreehcgvba bs gur Pguhyh-uvwnpxrq Oynpx Punzore'f nggrzcg gb shyyl fhzzba Pguhyh, jr'ir tbg fbzr tyvzzref bs ubcr sbe uhznavgl. Fher, guvatf nera'g pbzcyrgryl terng, naq vg'yy or uneq jbex (jvgu crefbany pbfgf, frr Crgr naq Wbua (Zunev'f oblsevraq) arj orvat inzcverf, sbe rknzcyr), ohg guvatf qba'g frrz ubcryrff.

Gur cybg jnf jryy-qbar, jvgu n ohapu bs zbzragf jurer guvatf frrzrq ubcryrff naq gura bhe urebrf chyyrq guebhtu (zber-be-yrff - vg'f n Ynhaqel abiry). Gur pyvznpgvp uvwnpxvat bs gur Oynpx Punzore'f inzcver argjbex jnf tbbq fghss.

- Tomash

    • The Laundry Files sound interesting! Haven't read any yet, though. As much as I enjoyed Jessica Jones , I think Luke Cage is currently my favorite of the Marvel shows on Netflix . . . Figures it... more
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