Twistey's Trashposts: The Boarders as D&D Monsters
Sun Nov 4, 2018 7:28pm

(*virtually yelling off to the virtual side* Yeah, you heard me, hS, I said monsters! That means you can't be an elf! ...No, you can't be an evil elf! ...*facepalm* *sigh...*)

You guessed it, it's another trashpost from me, in the same style as "Boarders Described With Memes", or whatever I called it. This time, it has a fun little bit of fantasy flair. I've been playing Dungeons and Dragons for a while now, and having a good time with it. I'd especially like to let y'all know that y'all should be proud of me, because my character is the only one in the party with any morals whatsoever. (Yeah, I know, right? Twistey and morals do belong in the same sentence after all!)

But anyway, here's the idea: Based on your personality, what type of monster from Dungeons and Dragons would you be? If you have no clue, there's at least one PDF of the D&D 5e Monster Manual online.

For example, I'd say I'm a Gelatinous Cube. I chose this monster because as I go through life, I have a tendency to absorb things I find, and make them a part of myself to the point where I have no clue what my life would be like without them, even though the obvious answer is "exactly or almost exactly like how it was before I discovered the thing." I'm a pretty well-meaning Gelatinous Cube, and most of the time, I absorb stuff purely because I love it so much, but a couple years back, I ingested something that has now made me mildly poisonous, and the same happened to the slime trail I leave behind. People don't take too kindly to being surprised with loss of a health point or two...

So, what about you people? What D&D monsters would you most likely be? How would you spend your days down in the dungeon? I'm looking forward to some humorous results!


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