Dear American Boarders:
Mon Nov 5, 2018 9:20am

Right now over in Britain, our government is refusing to allow us to vote on the most important political decision of a generation: how (and whether!) the UK should leave the EU. They have taken a small majority vote in favour of some kind of leaving (acquired after a campaign in which the Leave campaign lied outright and repeatedly broke campaigning laws), and turned it into 'you'll get whatever we give you and like it'.

A good deal? A bad deal? No deal whatsoever, and the UK left scrambling to pick up the pieces? We don't get a say. We don't get an opportunity to tell them we've seen their idea of negotiations and would rather stick with Europe - or that we want to postpone a while until an acceptable deal can be sorted - or to tell them what we think is actually important in a Leave deal. All we get is 'you children voted to Leave; now let the grown-ups decide for you what that means'.

Over in America, you do have a chance to vote. You don't have to wait another four years like we do, or watch your country be dragged out of every international treaty it's in, like we do. You get to vote tomorrow.

Please vote. Because it's when you aren't given the chance to that you realise how important it is.


    • And why not a little PolitiScales action?Huinesoron, Wed Nov 7 5:09am
      PolitiScales is an 8-axis political compass designed to fully plot your political positions. 117 questions, but they only take 5-10 total to fill out, and then it gives you a flag generated from your ... more
      • And I finally do this quiztwistedwindowpane, Mon Nov 19 6:29pm Equality - Humanity - Justice. Hugely neutral... more
        • One final map update.Huinesoron, Tue Nov 20 5:15am
          Over on GDocs , right at the bottom. Memo from the Huinesoronic Department of Fenestration Dear gov't, Plz to include fleet of Twistey on future maps. We kno they r a bit warlike + anti-mana, but... more
          • Questions and comments:twistedwindowpane, Tue Nov 20 8:02pm
            1. What does mana correspond to in this? 2. Me, warlike? 3. *Snrk* Window supply chain... 4. Have you heard of the game series Axis and Allies ? I had the idea to make a Board-themed parody of it... more
            • You know there's a key, right?Huinesoron, Wed Nov 21 5:32am
              1. Mana is the red/lavender star things, down in the key as 'Regulationism'. 2. You're above Board average for Revolutionary, so yes: warlike. :) 3. ^_^ 4. I mean... I guess? You'd probably want a... more
              • I saw the key, but skimmed over it. Good job, me.twistedwindowpane, Wed Nov 21 6:45pm
                1. Yeah, I just now reread and inferred that that was the case. 2. Hmph. I wouldn't consider myself warlike. Wild, yes. Untamed, definitely. But not warlike... on purpose, that is. 3. Windowpane... more
        • Looks like a lot of you others are getting Equ-Hum-Soc. (nm)twistedwindowpane, Mon Nov 19 6:31pm
      • Don't think I've changed too much since the last one.Guardsman Tom, who should post more, Sat Nov 10 9:58am My results still seem pretty... more
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          First Huinesoronic Long-Distance Mapping Expedition Greetings! Far we have travelled, and long has been our return, but we bring word of many distant settlements and nations, scattered across the... more
      • And we're swinging all over the placeAegis, Sat Nov 10 9:16am
        New quiz results Popped back in and noticed the quiz. I remembered taking it some time ago, when I had a radically different view of things, so I thought I'd give it another go. Things have most... more
      • Equality · Humanity · SocialismKaitlyn, Sat Nov 10 2:36am
      • Work, Humanity, Equality61516, radical moderate, Fri Nov 9 5:46pm My flag looks terrible.
      • Sure, why not?Badger421, Thu Nov 8 6:32pm
        My results Looking at last year's results, it seems I've become less essentialist, more rehabilitative, less progressive and less conservative, more nationalist (got that one wrong), even more... more
      • Here ya go.Neshomeh, Thu Nov 8 1:50pm
        I may have to do this over , because my connection was interrupted and then it took me to the results, so I don't feel sure I answered all the questions. Can you tell by looking at the URL? I'm not... more
        • That does look incomplete. Huinesoron, Thu Nov 8 4:12pm
          You can't tell directly from the URL, but those three identical bars at the top are deeply suspicious. I'll trade you a pragmatist sticker. ^_~ hS
          • Upon retake...Neshomeh, Sat Nov 10 10:42am
            I remember all these questions. I think I DID finish the first time. Those three identical bars are for real. This time around I tried harder to pick a yes or no answer over a neutral and got myself... more
          • Phooey.Neshomeh, Thu Nov 8 4:32pm
            All right, I'll give it another go when I get home. Maybe I'll get the Ecology Green back. Not that I have anything against Justice Blue. The pink and orange look terrible either way. ^_^ ~Neshomeh
      • Joining in the ParadeNovastorme, Thu Nov 8 1:34pm Equality! Humanity! Work! Overly Dramatic One-Word... more
      • Yah, sure!Matt Cipher, Thu Nov 8 11:54am Humanity - Equality - Order Pretty much for what I... more
      • Humanity, Socialism, Equality.MotherShipper, Thu Nov 8 11:39am
        Looks like I didn't post my results last time, but it seems I've shifted greatly away from revolution. I have... quite a few problems with the way some of the questions are worded because my... more
      • I have become socialist!Larfen J. Stocke, esq., Thu Nov 8 6:04am Huzzah! Uhhh red things and tools and such! Viva la france? I have, all... more
        • Map!Huinesoron, Thu Nov 8 6:18am
          Report from the Huinesoronic Ministry of Defence [...] decision to downgrade Huinesoron's stated magical strength is protested in the strongest terms by this office. While it may be true that we are... more
          • Ficlet!Snowblaze, Thu Nov 8 8:20am
            I wasn't sure what to write today, so I thought I'd try something a bit different. There was a knock at the door. Snowblaze hastily sat up straight, changing her undignified sprawl into something... more
      • Results[EvilAI]UBEROverlord, Wed Nov 7 8:18pm
        Not a huge fan, it was a little to simplistic for me. Almost all of my answers would have benefited from the ability to clarify.... more
      • I am... so confused by this.Granz the Ice Cream Monarch, Wed Nov 7 8:02pm
        Equality? Sounds good to me. Humanity? Absolutely! Fundamentally important. ... Work...? As opposed to Socialism? ... Um...? That one surprises me, particularly when my Communism/Capitalism bar is... ... more
      • Equality - Humanity - SocialismHelsinki, Wed Nov 7 6:49pm
        I can't remember what my results were, back in January. But, here's what I just got now, same as you, hS!... more
      • Justice - Equality - SocialismTomash, Wed Nov 7 5:57pm
        Here're my results , as compared to my results from January These results are pretty stable, especially with most of the changes being around the level of uncertainty. The big shift is that I appear... more
      • Re: And why not a little PolitiScales action?SATV-26S Athena, Wed Nov 7 11:44am
        Order - Work - Humanity, with Pragmatism. Seems fitting. What does the 'Humanity' thing mean? What else is there? No other animal has complex political structures.
        • Do you still have the link to your results?Huinesoron, Wed Nov 7 11:54am
          I can get you approximately on the map just from the slogan, but it's tricky and imprecise. To answer your question, 'Humanity' is the opposite of 'Fatherland' (and comes from how your... more
          • Is this OK?SATV-26S Athena, Wed Nov 7 11:56am
            • Perfect.Huinesoron, Wed Nov 7 12:04pm
              It looks like you'll be hanging out in a deep-sea dome up on the north-east corner of the medium blue waters. A small settlement dedicated to peace, with light clouds overhead and a smattering of... more
      • Equality, Humanity, Socialism!Delta Juliette, Wed Nov 7 10:26am Which is the same title as last time, interestingly-... more
        • Map? Map!Huinesoron, Wed Nov 7 10:59am
          From the Huinesoronic Ministry of Trade People of Huinesoron, I bring excellent news! Our fair city, reborn from the ashes of the old world, is hailed as a beacon of pr-- of civilisation far and... more
      • Here are my results.Hardric, Wed Nov 7 9:32am
        Humanity-Equality-Ecology . I'm also considered as a pragmatic, something I don't mind. It also seems like I'm on the fence when it comes to communism and capitalism. This one excepted, all my... more
        • PS: I'm watching my results of JanuaryHardric, Wed Nov 7 9:37am
          Looks like I progressed towards more punitive justice while remaining more favorable to rehabilitation, more reformism, regulationnism and ecology, and that balance between communism and capitalism... more
      • Humanity – Ecology – JusticeHieronymus Graubart, Wed Nov 7 9:08am
        and as pragmatic as ever . Apparently I'm now favoring justice over equality ( previous results ). HG
      • Here's mine!doctorlit, Wed Nov 7 7:57am
        Actually don't have time to read this now, my leave-for-work alarm is about to go off, and I still need to brush my teeth.... more
        • Okay, what did I get . . . ?doctorlit, Wed Nov 7 10:10pm
          Equality, Humanity, Socialism. I don't specifically remember last time . . . Oh, this is the same three as last time. Yeah, that's pretty much who I am now, just . . . don't tell my parents. >_> They ... more
      • My results:Snowblaze, Wed Nov 7 7:41am
        Humanity, Socialism, Justice
      • Huh.Iximaz, Wed Nov 7 7:40am
        I'm... not entirely sure how much has changed for me, but here are my results regardless.
      • Here's mine:Scapegrace, Wed Nov 7 5:56am I think I've gone a little more revolutionary than last time,... more
        • Then how about a map?Huinesoron, Wed Nov 7 7:14am
          Previous maps of the great continent of Plortitics can be found here (and will be updated with these ones), but you hardly need them. The world has changed. Everything has changed. Plortitics is no... more
    • Please vote.Helsinki, Tue Nov 6 10:47am
      Make sure trans people like me can exist legally. We've spent too long in the closet and we're not going to be shoved back in.
    • Voted over a month ago with a mail-in ballot.doctorlit, Tue Nov 6 6:50am
      Now I have to go to work and wonder about the election results all day. Hopefully I'll at least get home early enough to justify turning the computer on before bed . . . —doctorlit, timely
    • Voted early on Saturday.Neshomeh, Tue Nov 6 12:01am
      And Phobos went Sunday. I think we both had a two-hour wait, and that's okay. I'm grateful that our polling place is well organized and safe, as should be the case for everyone. ~Neshomeh
    • You're [expletive] right.61516, radical moderate, Mon Nov 5 5:16pm
      Elections are the best.
    • Absentee ballot is already sent in.Iximaz, Mon Nov 5 2:45pm
      I'm not about to let an ocean stop me from getting my vote in.
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