Prompts: Sprint Edition
Mon Nov 26, 2018 1:41pm

First of all, massive thanks to Quincy for suggesting this. Second of all, this will be slightly different to my usual style of prompts, so we'll see how it goes. Instead of the usual prompt that will make most people think of a small story to write about, these prompts are aimed at shorter responses. So, here goes:

Prompt 1: Describe Death as a character.

Prompt 2: Describe an alien/ancient monument

Prompt 3: Describe an umbrella that is more than it seems.

Prompt 4: Describe something that should never have been.

Have fun!


    • Prompt 3the Irish Samurai, Sat Dec 8 3:01pm
      The figure before you looks all the more monstrous for how closely it resembles a human; the basic shape is there, but the proportions are all wrong, and the feral glee at seeing you belongs on the... more
    • Prompt 261516, Wed Nov 28 11:01pm
      This comes from mirror-universe Warhammer 40,000, a project currently occupying most of my writing effort: Abaddon looked upon the entrance to the Necron tomb with the eyes of a lifelong warrior.... more
    • Prompt the FirstGranz the Ice Cream Monarch, Tue Nov 27 9:32pm
      Death was a shadow. It was cast by Life, sweet, bright Life, for without him, Death had no meaning. Death was empty. In the beginning - was there a beginning? Yes, there had to have been - before it... more
    • Prompt One (... kind of)Cringe-Factoryy, Tue Nov 27 11:20am
      The Timekeeper was not Death, as humans invisioned it, but it was one of the entities in charge of death. The Timekeeper, along with the two Archivists, kept track of when and where deaths would... more
    • Prompt TwoSnowblaze, Tue Nov 27 9:04am
      The Great Spire was so high that the top couldn't be made out through the clouds. True, it had seen better days: the team hired to clean it seventy years ago were now far too geriatric to climb up... more
    • Let's see...SATV-26S Athena, Mon Nov 26 11:08pm
      Prompt 1: Death All information on the (now deceased) entity known as Death was given to us by the (also deceased) entity known as Knowledge and as such can't be corroborated, but is held as true... more
      • Something like the SCP foundation seems right.
        • TrueSATV-26S Athena, Thu Nov 29 10:50pm
          I was inspired by the SCP Foundation. Their style of description suits me just fine, but I do need to let it go. Not everything is a SCP.
          • Frivolous SCPs...61516, Fri Nov 30 6:49pm
            SCP-1333-F: Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1333-F is to be stored in a 20m by 20m containment cell made of 10m thick titanium blocks. Description: SCP-1333-F is a primitive anti-gravity device... more
    • I'll bite...Calista, Mon Nov 26 10:19pm
      Prompt 1: Death is very old, and over its long existence it been many things--male and female and neither, old and young and ageless, physical and ethereal. But, for the moment, Death has taken the... more
      • Thought61516, Thu Nov 29 9:58pm
        This feels a little like the setup for a modern fantasy AU of Terry Pratchett's Mort.
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