I'm a new boarder
Sat Dec 1, 2018 12:02pm

Hello there, Board! I found this place because I'm Twistey's boyfriend and she told me to come here! I've read through about 17 or 18 of the original story, and so far I like Makes-Things the most. I like reading a lot, especially fantasy and science fiction books. The books and series I like most are Artemis Fowl, The summoner, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, Septimus Heap, and The Dwarves. I like puzzles such as Rubik's Cubes and knotwork, as well as creative writing and DnD. Any advice you have for me on the board would be appreciated. (I've already read the FAQ, the FAQ for Newbies, and the Constitution but I haven't signed yet.)

    • Welcome aboard!OpinionedAngel, Sun Dec 2 11:57pm
      Welcome to the Board! Don't worry, we don't bite... often. Have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome, welcome, welcome!eatpraylove, Sun Dec 2 9:38pm
      Join me in the fantasy trash can! *high-fives you* Have Kiki the mini-Chimera Anima! This refugee from a Tokyo Mew Mew badfic looks like a cross between a tamarin and a mutated lion, but in all... more
    • Yay, you joined! *applause*twistedwindowpane, Sun Dec 2 7:29pm
      Congratulations, you overcame your fear of the big scary Board! As your newbie present, here's access to the code I use on my computer to communicate with computers in alternate universes. That's how ... more
    • Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Sun Dec 2 4:42pm
      Have one of my own shed feathers and a replica of Holly Short's synthetic wings! (Warning: not guaranteed to enable you to actually fly.)
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Sun Dec 2 2:42pm
      And here is a bag of black-hole chocolates for you.
    • HelloShade, Sun Dec 2 5:52am
      Flamel and Septimus Heap? Good series, lovely systems of magic, very unique. As such, have a Chocolate Charm! Good for food, and escaping.
    • Greetings and salutations!61516, Sat Dec 1 9:26pm
      Have a set of Imperial Guard flak armor, guaranteed for life! (Projected lifespan of deployed Imperial Guardsman: 15 hours)
    • Greetings, newbie!Snowblaze, Sat Dec 1 1:49pm
      Have a ball. Itís either yellow or red, but I canít work out which.
      • I appreciate the SACRIFICEWillis64, Sat Dec 1 2:25pm
        Maybe's it red AND yellow. Or maybe it changes. Or maybe it's not really there and our brains can't decide on a color? In this place, who can say for sure?
        • No-one can!Snowblaze, Mon Dec 3 9:32am
          I like giving mysterious newbie gifts. People don't usually ask questions about them - not that I'm complaining. You can try and work out what colour the ball is for yourself if you like. ...though,... more
    • !!! FINALLY SOMEONE WHO KNOWS FLAMEL!!!Matt Cipher, Sat Dec 1 1:16pm
      Question: Is Scatty best girl or best girl!? :D Anywho, welcome! Welcome! Um... sheesh, what to give you... umm... . . . . . *rummages pockets* . . . A-HA! Have a self-stirring cauldron
      • Why Thank You, Kind Sentient BeingWillis64, Sat Dec 1 2:11pm
        Scatty is pretty cool. I like Josh. Machiavelli, and Prometheus the most, in that order. Josh, since I can relate to him and he basically turns into a god, Machiavelli since he's smart and turns... more
        • So you like Josh because he turns into a god?twistedwindowpane, Mon Dec 3 9:28am
          Did the series originally catch your eye because one of the books is called "The Warlock"? *light punch in the arm* -Twistey Really Needs To Get Back To Reading That Book Series
          • WellShade, Tue Dec 4 5:39am
            When your story includes an alchemist, with crazy magic and a perfect mash of religions? I think turning into a god is minor on the list. The hook is obviously higher, and the orange smell.
            • Hehe, I'm just teasing Willis.twistedwindowpane, Wed Dec 5 3:02pm
              (It's partially a joke about how much he loves power when playing games. The warlock remark was because that's his favorite D&D class and he refuses to not play as one. That reminds me, I want to... more
        • And I like the Witch of Endor because magic :P (nm)Matt Cipher, Sat Dec 1 2:40pm
    • Newbie! *glomp* *poke*Iximaz, Sat Dec 1 12:54pm
      Since you've already answered all my usual questions, I'll just give you this plate of SPaGhetti. :)
      • WhY ThAnKWillis64, Sat Dec 1 2:12pm
        I love me some tasty spaghetti!
        • To be clear...61516, Sat Dec 1 9:42pm
          ...SPaG stands for Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar.
    • Hi there newbie!Tomash, Sat Dec 1 12:53pm
      Welcome to the PPC! Have two cents, so you can add them to discussions later. - Tomash
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