My First Post (A story and other stuff)
Sat Dec 1, 2018 1:21pm

Hi, PPC board! This is my first post in this community, and I am happy to be part of one!

Favourite books: The Hobbit, Alice in Wonderland, countless dinosaur books.

Favourite fandoms: Tolkien's works, anything to do with fantasy.

Here's a story I wrote!

"The hunter stepped through the portal his time belt produced in front of him. He planned to travel back to the early Cenozoic, to hunt some early lemurs or something. He didn't really know what his objective was. Anyway, whatever the plan, he was going to do something. He entered the portal.

The portal happened to lead to the Eocene Messel formation. The hunter spend his time dodging Gastornis, killing Leptictidium and Godinotia and pummelling Eurotamandua. Eventually, the hunter got bored and started jumping around like a spoilt brat having a temper tantrum. Suddenly he had a brainwave - he was going to travel before the dinosaurs.

He opened another portal with his time belt, leading to the late Permian. He walked through, with a dazed Eurotamandua hanging uncertainly to his backpack. As he entered the portal the confused xenarthran hopped off, crashing onto the ground. The hunter saw a completely different landscape.

There were sand and rocks as far as he could see, with volcanos bordering the western and northern sides of the lands. There was a forest in the middle. "That's where I'm going to go." The hunter said. He walked nearer and saw a predator, around 3 metres long. A Gorgonops. "They probably hunt in packs so I'm gonna kill it to attract more of 'em." He said.

He got out his sniper and shot at the Gorgonops. The proto-mammal yelped and fell on its side. Dead. He walked over to the body and stepped on something. Some sort of therocephalian, he thought. As the creature stopped struggling, he suddenly felt sick. As if he had done something seriously, seriously wrong.

A lion-like roar echoed across the landscape as another Gorgonops appeared. It roared at the hunter, who tried shooting it. His gun clicked. He tried to activate his time belt, yet didn't succeed. The creature charged as he finally managed to activate the time belt and run through.

He was greeted by a coastline in some unknown era. He looked around and saw what looked like a reptilian seal behind him. "What the ... hell are you?" he said, once again feeling sick. The creature let out a seal-like bark as the man screamed and disappeared."

Thanks for reading this!

    • Welcome newbie!OpinionedAngel, Mon Dec 3 12:00am
      Cool story (time travel shenanigans are always fun)! Here, have some chocolate and enjoy your stay!
    • Welcome, newbie! Nice story!twistedwindowpane, Sun Dec 2 7:41pm
      Only constructive criticism I have is how much the hunter seems like he's surmounting challenges a little too fast, but I know it's a very short, abridged story and that can be fixed by expanding it... more
    • Belated welcome aBoard from another paleontology fan!SkarmorySilver, Sun Dec 2 4:41pm
      Pretty cool story, and I appreciate that you've put a good amount of of research into it - looks like we've got another budding writer in the works! Aside from one of my own shed feathers, have a... more
    • Hello newbie.Hardric, Sun Dec 2 2:42pm
      Please let me gift you with a pot of black-hole coffee.
    • Re: My First Post (A story and other stuff)AlioramusHunter, Sun Dec 2 7:30am
      Thanks for all of your welcomes, people! Much appreciated.
    • Hello!Shade, Sun Dec 2 6:02am
      Welcome to this awesome community. You'll probably be inundated with replies soon enough. I give to you a pack of cards, be careful that they don't go to war whilst your not looking!
    • Hello, newbie!Snowblaze, Sun Dec 2 4:08am
      Iím not the best with concrit, but have an early bird - I wish I was one...
    • Hello!61516, Sat Dec 1 9:36pm
      Have a flashlight and the black box from a Boeing 747.
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