whatís this
Sun Dec 2, 2018 4:03pm

hi iím new whatís good

    • Welcome!Four Moons Watching, Mon Dec 3 3:05pm
      Here, have a self-updating hard copy of the List Of Things I Am Not Allowed To Do In The PPC!
    • You wait ages for a newbie...Snowblaze, Mon Dec 3 4:28am
      And then three come along at once! Here, have an inflatable duck filled with helium - but donít let it float away...
    • Woo-hoo~!eatpraylove, Sun Dec 2 9:40pm
      *high-fives you* Have a pack of dog-shaped sticky notes and some popcorn to eat while you read the Original Series!
    • I'd sing the DuckTales theme except I can'ttwistedwindowpane, Sun Dec 2 7:52pm
      I don't know the words. Dangit. *looks up the lyrics to the DuckTales theme song* Your newbie gift is a recording of me singing the DuckTales theme song. Except it's only a virtual gift, because I... more
    • Hello there.Shade, Sun Dec 2 6:56pm
      You have stumbled upon the PPC, enjoy the goldmine you have found. Well, have a broomstick, complete with self-cleaning charms, I recommend not trying to fly though.
    • Welcome aBoard!SkarmorySilver, Sun Dec 2 4:43pm
      May I ask what fandoms you have, and how you happened upon the PPC? In the meantime, have one of my own shed feathers and a complimentary kit of Spikes!
    • Greetings!61516, Sun Dec 2 4:05pm
      Have a multi-tool, a lockpick, and my pocketknife (I won't need it anymore).
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