Lily Winterwood
So Tumblr's Going Splat
Wed Dec 5, 2018 12:27am

Heyo everyone! Every once in a blue moon I pop in and this time I am here with news about Tumblr banning 18+ content which could also potentially result in blog deletions ala Strikethrough.

I personally don't think I will be too affected by it, but I also know the algorithm for flagging NSFW stuff on that site atm is a bit wack, and I think there's a slight chance my PPC missions may be caught up in it. If there's interest in preserving whatever I wrote in my PPC tag, I can send someone archive/Google Doc versions of them? Let me know, otherwise I may just leave them on my works Tumblr... or eventually find time to import them to WordPress or DW or something.

I'll keep anyone interested posted about the sitch because if I do switch the missions to another platform I'll probably need to change the links on the Wiki or something. So yeah.

    • Not to worry; your work is all backed up!doctorlit, Wed Dec 5 7:10am
      I've got your spin-off, "Modern Baker Street" and both years of IAHF, "Consulting Sue Slayers," your essay, and the "Tragic Tale" parodyfic all on my hard drive + jump drive. Hey, nice to see you... more
    • I took a really long sip of dumb juice....Lily Winterwood, Wed Dec 5 12:28am
      ...and forgot to post the link to the article:
      • "Dumb juice." That's a new substance.twistedwindowpane, Wed Dec 5 2:59pm
        I need to find it and get a cup of it to put in my collection with the directionballs and the fireproof snow. -Twistey
        • Oh, no.Snowblaze, Thu Dec 6 7:47am
          You're hoarding fireproof snow. I am completely doomed in the next snowball fight.
        • The full name is Dumb B*tch JuiceLily Winterwood, Wed Dec 5 3:20pm
          But you know, trying to be a bit PG-13 ;) It's for when your stupidity levels are unusually high for some unknown reason (perhaps the Narrative Laws of Comedy).
          • Ah, yes, I know the stuffFour Moons Watching, Sat Dec 8 1:29am
            DBJ, as we often call it, is a bit of a meme in several of my D&D campaigns.
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