New Year, New Prompts!
Mon Jan 7, 2019 12:54pm

So first of all Happy New Year to you all.

Second, welcome to the first fortnightly Prompts of 2019

Thirdly, the prompts themselves. I've gone for three this time because... new thing I guess? It's new anyway.

Prompt 1: A Paradox

Prompt 2: One of your characters has an Epiphany

Prompt 3: One of your characters makes (and promptly breaks) a New Year Resolution

(The brackets are funny, but optional)


    • Prompt OneSnowblaze, Tue Jan 8 8:27am
      It was Saturday evening, and the Moon family were gathered around the drawing room table, playing the imaginatively-named Bid Fours, in which players were dealt some cards and then bid for more,... more
    • Prompt 3SATV-26S Athena, Mon Jan 7 7:29pm
      "It's a new year! I promise to not dissassemble any Sues this year!" Amber looked at what was left of the Sue unfortunate enough to have underwent the process. "Oops. Well, not dissassemble any more... more
    • Prompts 1&3 (I think)Cringe-Factoryy, Mon Jan 7 4:21pm
      C-Fy leaned back and said,“My New Year Resolution is to not have a New Year Resolution.” ——————— Stolen from my brother.
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