Happy birthday! Have some Generic Cake! (nm)
Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:48am

  • It's my birthday!eatpraylove, Fri Jan 11 8:02am
    Today I turn 24, a more mathematically pleasing number than 23 that still fits neatly into what I like to call the "adult cat" phase of life; that is, I can kind of look out for myself but I should... more
    • HOPP BORTH!S.M.F., Fri Jan 11 2:13pm
      We can be adult cats together, then. =D (Okay, so I'm 21, but it still works, dammit!)
    • Salutations!61516, Fri Jan 11 12:35pm
      Have a suit of Imperial Guard issue carapace armor. It's heavy, but it'll keep you safe.
    • Hap birf! *PFEEP!*twistedwindowpane, Fri Jan 11 10:02am
      Have a fancy gel pen holder for all your fancy gel pens! -Twistey
    • Happy birthday! Have some Generic Cake! (nm) — Snowblaze, Fri Jan 11 9:48am
    • Happy birthday!!!Mirage Fontane, Fri Jan 11 8:34am
      *throws confetti and extra punctuation*
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