Mirage Fontane
Is it okay to write about Sean from the Original Series?
Sat Jan 12, 2019 2:59pm

I've had an idea to feature a Bad Slasher in my first mission, since it's mostly badsex, and Luxury's Wiki page says that both her and Agent Sean are available for borrowing. However, Sean hasn't been seen at all since he broke up with Lux in the Original Series, and he's not listed as a free-to-use character. I had an idea to bring him back from MIA status, but I wanted to ask if it's okay or if I should choose a different character.

    • Don't forget to have your own agents too!twistedwindowpane, Mon Jan 14 9:31am
      That's one of the things you need in your Permission attempt, your own agent bios. It shows that you know how to create a PPC character that's not going to be overpowered, etc. -Twistey
      • I already do, in fact.Mirage Fontane, Mon Jan 14 10:47am
        I have two agent characters already with written missions (although of course I won't publish those yet), plus another one I'm still working on.
        • Sorry to be nitpicky twice in a row, but...twistedwindowpane, Sat Jan 19 6:17pm
          ...ideally you shouldn't write a mission before you get Permission and then publish it when you get Permission. I say this because this hereto unforeseen guideline prevents people from getting... more
          • hS covered this below.Neshomeh, Sat Jan 19 7:14pm
            I don't want to discourage you from helping people out with good advice (because it is good!), but in situations like this, try to check out what's already been said before you post, and make sure... more
    • What, never? That doesn't sound like me!Huinesoron, Sat Jan 12 6:10pm
      [Checks] ... huh. So I have actually cameo'd Sean, but that scene is set prior to their breakup. He also has a passing mention in a Despatch mission , which MAY be his latest confirmed appearance.... more
      • This is quite different from Makes-ThingsHieronymus Graubart, Sun Jan 13 10:08am
        People who don't appreciate Seanís continued existence can just continue to ignore him; there doesnít need to be any reaction. So, should we add Sean to Category:Free-to-Use and/or Available NPCs ,... more
        • Which is why I said 'be careful'.Huinesoron, Sun Jan 13 12:13pm
          If, for instance, Sean was reintroduced as part of a DIA story, with him going crazy and having to be locked up, there could easily be flashback. Or if he was introduced with the explanation that Lux ... more
          • No, it's nothing of that kind.Mirage Fontane, Sun Jan 13 12:33pm
            (Only read this if you want to know how I'm planning on bringing Sean back, I suppose) My explanation is basically that he got lost in a plothole on a mission. I did have a more complicated storyline ... more
        • I vote for free-to-use.Neshomeh, Sun Jan 13 10:49am
          Seems weird for Lux to be available but not Sean. Also, I wanna know what he's up to these days. {= ) ~Neshomeh
      • I guess we'll see how that goes.Mirage Fontane, Sat Jan 12 7:02pm
        And sorry, I didn't know about the cameos. Anyway, I already have an alternate solution to him returning in case people don't like what I'm doing with his character - but I would like to bring him... more
        • What fic did you pick, anyway? (nm)Cringe-Factoryy, Sun Jan 13 5:40pm
          • This one:Mirage Fontane, Mon Jan 14 4:12am
            (WARNING: Link NSFW/NSFB. It's a bleepfic - that should say enough.) It's also on the Claimed Badfic list. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8440604/1/A-New-Shade-of-Green
            • ... Okay then... (nm)Cringe-Factoryy, Mon Jan 14 7:44pm
            • Oh dear god, my eyes.Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 12:19pm
              Obvious troll is obvious, and it takes a lot to make me want to spork my own eyes out these days, but damn, that did it. Ooo-ee. o.o You sure you want to start THERE? You wanna bring poor Sean back... more
              • Whoops, sorry.Mirage Fontane, Mon Jan 14 12:35pm
                If it's any consolation, it caused a great deal of pain to me, too. And yeah, no, Sean's not particularly helpful in the mission I wrote, he's mostly there as an extra hand (and has a comedic moment... more
                • Wait, you already wrote this one?Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 1:14pm
                  What were you going to do if we'd said Sean shouldn't be used? How many missions have you already written, by the way? ~Neshomeh
                  • Also, I haven't posted any of the missions I wrote.Mirage Fontane, Mon Jan 14 1:38pm
                    Nor am I going to until I get Permission. :)
                    • [Raises hand]Huinesoron, Tue Jan 15 3:55am
                      So... part of the point of Permission is checking that you're set to write decent PPC missions. If you're writing them in advance, please give them a thorough second draft before you post them... more
                      • Will do!Mirage Fontane, Tue Jan 15 4:42am
                        What I'm doing right now is more practice than anything else. If I get Permission, I'll edit everything I wrote thoroughly before I post it.
                    • And that's good.Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 3:48pm
                      But you were talking about this one like it was just an idea, like you hadn't started it yet, which now feels like a deception in hindsight. Since we already know you got ahead of yourself with... more
                      • I'm really sorry if it came off that way.Mirage Fontane, Tue Jan 15 4:38am
                        I wasn't lying or trying to deceive you. I've felt like it would be okay to practice writing missions so long as I don't post them, and featuring Sean really was just an idea - if you guys said no, I ... more
                        • Thanks.Neshomeh, Wed Jan 16 11:39am
                          And I'm sorry if that was a bit harsh. Without wishing to go into the gritty details, I'll just say that past experiences have made me a little suspicious of this sort of thing. But enthusiasm is... more
                  • I would have rewritten the mission with Lux instead.Mirage Fontane, Mon Jan 14 1:32pm
                    And probably grumbled a little at the extra work, but it'd have been my fault for not asking first. :"D First I saw Luxury's Wiki page that said they could both be used, which is why I'd picked Sean... more
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