Have you read this weird book I read when I was a kid?
Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:36am

I found Larklight on a bookshelf in my classroom in... oh, say fourth grade? fifth? Probably round about then.

I don't remember much about it, but I distinctly remember it being... weird. Really distinctly weird.

-It's about two twins that live in a house that orbits the moon.

-They get a visit from "Mr. Webster" of the "Royal Xenological Society," who is a giant white spider who's trying to kill them and take the house.

-The rest of the book features them attacking the giant spiders from beyond the solar system.

-There are moon moths that grab them when they escape the house.

-And alien pirates.

-Did I mention that this is all set in some weird steampunk 1700s-esque era where the British empire is a spacegoing power that travels through the Aether?

-Colonists to Venus got turned into trees by pollination, through some kind of disease.

It is trippy as all heck. Like, almost as much as Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but it feels a hell of a lot more well-developed. And it's so bizarrely memorable that I still remember it despite having probably not read or even seen it in almost a decade.

    • No, but now I wish I had XD (nm)eatpraylove, Thu Jan 24 11:44am
    • Wish I read that.Jacob175, Tue Jan 15 12:10am
      Okay, hearing that, I kinda want to pick up a copy myself just to see what it's like.
    • I REMEMBER!Grundleplith, Mon Jan 14 10:54pm
      I loved it and barely remember anything abkut it now :(
    • ...Huinesoron, Mon Jan 14 10:37am
      ... are you sure you weren't asleep and dreamed the whole thing? I mean, are you positive ? ^_~ hS (Actually to be honest it sounds like something out of Space Captain Smith, which interestingly... more
      • I mean, it has a wikipedia page...Thoth, Mon Jan 14 3:14pm
        • "I mean." (Going kinda OT here.)Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 4:07pm
          So, like, what does "I mean" mean? This is only bugging me because both you and Twistey used the phrase in near proximity to each other. I use it myself. But why? What does it signify? It's not... more
          • I HEARD MY NAME?!twistedwindowpane, Sat Jan 19 6:53pm
            You been talkin' about me behind my back?! *intentionally exaggerated face of pretend anger* Okay, so more seriously, although I didn't do so in my response to the Star Wars thing (I haven't seen... more
          • I did not intend to poke fun at anyone.Huinesoron, Tue Jan 15 3:50am
            ... did intend to be silly, though. hS
          • Actually, my meaning was that...Thoth, Mon Jan 14 5:56pm
            It has a wikipedia page, so either I didn't dream of this, or Wikipedia's editors have a line into my dreams and consider them notable.
            • Ah, apologies. That makes sense.Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 6:52pm
              More fun when you actually say it, though. {= ) I think that goes to my point that it's worth considering what you-general-inclusive mean when you say "I mean." Same with "like" or "so" or any of the ... more
              • 'Basically'.Huinesoron, Tue Jan 15 3:53am
                What you mean by that seems to be 'this is a summary of the point I was trying to make'. I think it's characteristic of people who try to explain their reasoning, and then want to make sure that... more
          • I mean, it's sort of like...Iximaz, Mon Jan 14 4:39pm
            ...a filler phrase. Like "like" or "um". Except, like, it sort of bleeds into writing as well—my guess is because it's longer and feels less like an actual filler to us. I mean, that's how I sort of... more
            • So, like, um...Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 5:01pm
              Does that mean "I mean" is the latest symptom of the braindeath of the world's youth? Because, you know, er, that's like, a thing, right? ^_~ ~Neshomeh
              • Like... uh... words... things...Thoth, Mon Jan 14 5:57pm
                No. :-P Sidenote: Tomash uses "words" elongated when he can't think of what to say when talking to people. This habit has infected me.
                • Haha, I do something similar.Neshomeh, Mon Jan 14 6:34pm
                  Especially if what I'm trying to say is coming out mangled. "[blah blah blah] ack... words... [frustrated gestures] stuff... you get it?" Sometimes people even get it! ~Neshomeh
              • I mean, like, totally. (nm)Iximaz, Mon Jan 14 5:08pm
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