Re: Welcome!
Fri Feb 8, 2019 10:46am

I'm in the selection group at my dance school, which is basically at a semi-professional level I think. We usually do a lot of steetdance/hiphop and some modern dance. Sometimes something more african I think, but I'm quite bad at that. And thank you for the NM&NMs! I'll keep them for when I need them.

  • Welcome!Fire Sidoni, Fri Feb 8 10:43am
    Ooh, what sort of dance do you do? I do ballroom, personally - West Coast Swing is my favorite, and Iíve done a handful of other social, Standard, and Latin styles. I havenít had a chance to dance in ... more
    • Re: Welcome! — JustARaven, Fri Feb 8 10:46am
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