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Little Sunshine
RE:still here.
Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:32pm

Well hello Barry. So nice to hear from you. Hope you and yours are doing fine. And nice to hear that more old friends are here waiting till someone is posting a good subject. Hi to All....Peace.

  • Re: Still here RE:barry, Mon Apr 18 6:35am
    right back ay you Little Sunshine and blessings to everyone else..and yes Im still here also
    • A message received from a friend.Little Sunshine, Tue Apr 19 3:34pm
      This was send to me by a brother to let us know were it is all about. What do you think about it.....maybe it is a good issue to talk about. Blessings. A MOST CONVENIENT EVIL Most of you who know me... more
      • Whispers of Knowledge!Dekanogi Ulogilv, Wed Apr 20 5:20pm
        Whispers of Knowledge! Quiet now, I am thinking, contemplating ancient teachings holding still, to hear the whispers, echo's from times beginning. How many humans wonder, why, we walk this veil of... more
        • Whow, just beautiful.Little Sunshine, Tue Apr 26 3:45pm
          Thank you so much for posting this and sharing this Poem with us.Blessings to you and yours.
          • poem/storyDekanogi Ulogilv, Wed Apr 27 1:11am
            Wado equa oginallii,adadoligi ale nvwadohivnv granny
    • Re: Still here RE:beth, Mon Apr 18 1:50pm
      Hey Barry, hope you, Gena (sp?) and family are all doing well. L.S. is alwayis so very possitive...that's a good thing. Hope to see ya'll in Columbus end of May. :) Beth
    • RE:still here. — Little Sunshine, Mon Apr 18 1:32pm
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