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Dekanogi Ulogilv
Whispers of Knowledge!
Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:20pm

Whispers of Knowledge!

Quiet now, I am thinking, contemplating ancient teachings
holding still, to hear the whispers, echo's from times beginning.

How many humans wonder, why, we walk this veil of tears
what use is birth, simply to die, most times in pain and sorrow?

So many question, seeking comfort, needing to believe
which faith is true, what god is real, and will deliver?

Fighting demons, fighting self, reaching out to empty space
never hearing, never knowing, feeling empty, and alone.

Filling lives with little treasures, hoarding away hidden dreams
trying so hard to be right, not righteous, having control is better.

Sitting here on silent hill side, Sacred cave behind me
old gnarly trees standing guard, bark more gray than brown.

Drooping branches mostly bare, the rains held back this year
so many changes in the weather, in Mother Earth herself.

And they fear, these human children, they have forgotten
that even the earth must obey, mature, her seasons cycle.

She is gravid, once again, reaching soon her travailing
remember our oldest lesson, Brother moon controls the woman.

Once, we humans knew, life is not static, standing still for our pleasure
and, the Elders taught, why, humankind walks this world.

It is our learning place, a playground for the young
perfect once, in the long ago, but meant to grow harder.

Each testing, hurting, bleeding, and dying, a lesson for the next one
every tear shed makes us stronger, leads us closer to the reason.

Creator, watches, hoping that we understand about circles
there are no saints, but there is innocence, and we must reach it.

Can you want nothing, without feeling hopeless, despair, empty
love without owning, touch, without coveting, hold, and set free?

They are all still here, those ancient lessons, before our eyes
hidden only from those, who refuse to see them, remember.

Why, has every People, legends, fables, myths, stories
told generation to generation, some written, on stone, some paper?

Within each, lies the truth, kept for good reason, throughout the ages
though the longer between changes, the harder hearted become the children.

Quiet now, I am thinking, remembering my ancestors stories
knowing, somewhere deep inside, are all the answers I, am seeking.

Some things are self proving, unchanging, making fact, of legend
Father Sky, is above us, Mother Earth below, the Four Winds give direction.

Creator, still surrounds us, giving proof with every breath, every rain drop
this is, my testing grounds, and I, need only listen, to the whispers of knowledge!


  • A message received from a friend.Little Sunshine, Tue Apr 19 3:34pm
    This was send to me by a brother to let us know were it is all about. What do you think about it.....maybe it is a good issue to talk about. Blessings. A MOST CONVENIENT EVIL Most of you who know me... more
    • Whispers of Knowledge! — Dekanogi Ulogilv, Wed Apr 20 5:20pm
      • Whow, just beautiful.Little Sunshine, Tue Apr 26 3:45pm
        Thank you so much for posting this and sharing this Poem with us.Blessings to you and yours.
        • poem/storyDekanogi Ulogilv, Wed Apr 27 1:11am
          Wado equa oginallii,adadoligi ale nvwadohivnv granny
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