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Dekanogi Ulogilv Williams
such a sense of humor our ancestors had eh?
Tue May 31, 2011 1:58pm

The Wrong Magic!

She was not crying when I left her, simply kneeling quietly
hands before her on the earth, hair, trailing in the dust.

Go child; she said to me, pray at the Water before you return
gather then a few things, mint, morell, moss, blackberry, and willow.

Come again as Grandmother sun, begins her journey into the west
burn the tobacco that I gave you, sprinkle the corn pollen.

Follow the circle that I showed, here, where you see each stone
do not hesitate if you see shadows, do not fear the things you hear.

Yet I, trembled already, never had she acted so strangely
as if she were in the greatest pain, though I saw no hurt.

Keeping with her the soft rabbit skins, so softly tanned
we had worked all winter, making them perfect.

Cattail fluff as well, were asked of me, not easy to gather
I did not mean to be distracted, but frog, and turtle were active.

So early yet in the season of greening, it made me smile to see
hopping here, and there, such tiny little frogs they were.

My fourth winter had passed, hard it was, and hungry
now, there were such treasures to be had, and I greedy.

Father had not yet returned, this first hunt, a long one
I knew well there would be meat, and for me new clothes.

Though I am their only child, they did not seem to mind
and my grandmothers loved me, a granddaughter they could train.

Where were they, why, must I wait so long before returning
what were they hiding, what magic were they making?

"Always in a hurry", that was my name, my mother laughed to hear it
do not worry little one,"she said" someday it will change.

Now, I must truly hurry, Grandmother suns glory, shines her setting
once again I am late, but there is no scolding, their faces are happy.

I stop, look from face to face, the shadows are softly glowing
mother is beautiful smiling there so sweetly, at that tiny bundle.

A brother you have, says mother laughing, today you are "slow one"
what has kept you child, how did you get so dirtied?

In my hands, were each thing she had asked for
but my face felt frozen, now I wonder, did I, make that magic?

Was it I, who brought this brother with my prayers
if so, I was through with gathering, I did it wrong, I wanted a sister!

as told by my grandmother


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