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Dekanogi Ulogilv Williams
when the grandmothers "call" do you hear them?
Fri Jun 3, 2011 1:13am

Grandmothers Whisper!

Listen, to the four winds blowing
hear the whispers, they are growing,
time grows short, for changes needed,
still, the hatred seethes within them.

Grandmothers, please lift their spirits,
draw them closer, to the feeling,
bring the beauty, of our ancestors
to the hearts, forever searching.

Fear, has no place among us
what is coming, was a promise,
gentle ones, from long ago are calling,
trouble stirs, and all are talking.

To the caves, I take my worries,
to the water, go my prayers,
now, our paths, must be widened,
we must stop, our ways from dying.

See, the children who are returning,
see, The People's hearts are yearning,
grandmothers, speak to me, of our future,
the plans made, for the seventh generation.

Time now, to stop the fighting,
blood, to blood, we must be showing,
equal then, and equal now
the Tsalagi, walk a straight path.

So much still, must be kept quiet,
Elders know, to value silence,
war, and strife, are not our choices,
but we will battle, if it is forced upon us.

Tenderly, grandmothers whisper,
cradle songs, to the children,
listen well, my little ones
for it is you, one day will lead us
from these foretold, times of trouble.

A song, rises from our spirit,
filled with joy, and thanks giving,
soon, the dawning again will call us
to the waters
to wash away, the years of sorrows.

Return, my children, to your duties,
remember, you are called Earth Keepers,
wisdom, passed through the ages
speaks to those, who have listened!

blessings granny

Dekanogi Ulogilv

"We are the ones we have been waiting for. It's time to step up. And yes, I'm speaking to you."

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