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Dekanogi Ulogilv Williams
so many hurts left unhealed
Sun Jun 5, 2011 6:58pm

Tears from the Heart!

She sat on her heels, rocking gently
back, and forth,
soft, sweet lullaby ,surrounding her,
and the tiny child, she holds close.

The riders, who came upon the scene
were touched, so deeply inside,
a picture of love, that words can never speak,
and no painting, ever capture.

Too late they saw, for warning,
though that was their intent,
the village was destroyed,
the woman, the only living thing in sight.

Torn down, or burning,
were the lodges, of the families who lived here,
trampled, and leveled
the crops, they had planted with such care.

Bodies, were strewn, like carelessly broken toys,
bloody scene of war,
where once, peace had walked,
shocked surprise, was there, on every face upon the ground.

A little boy, of maybe three, lay as if sleeping,
but when they looked closely,
his ears, and thumbs ,were missing,
even the hardest warrior, was sickened.

Madness, was the only word their unbelieving minds, accepted,
there is no way, a sane human,
would do these things, to another human,
especially children.

Quietly, they approached the woman,
wondering how she, had escaped the slaughter,
near her, lay the body of an older woman,
bone splattered scull, exploded by a bullet.

As they came closer, they saw she was blood covered,
all down her front, ran the blood,
of the baby she was holding,
the side of his tiny, perfect head, was missing.

Days it took, to calm her down,
and hear, of the horror,
she had been in the woman's place, when the screaming started,
afraid to leave, afraid to stay, but she needed to find her baby.

Her mother, had her baby, who was two months old
and had been bringing him for feeding,
when the settlers rode them down,
and killed them.

These men, had been here before,
and told those who lived here, they must move,
these lands were theirs, "they said",
given to them, for service to their country.

You must go away,
by order of the Great White Father,
our war against the English, has been won
and these lands, are our payment.

Our headman, stood against them,
told them they were mistaken,
our people, have lived on these lands forever,
they were given, by Creator.

Angry, and yelling, faces red, with frustration,
they swore, they would return,
and the soldiers,
would clear the way, for their families.

She looked at her kin, as they stood, and listened,
how, can they take our homes, and kill our people,
who gave the right, to do this,
to their Great White Father?

as told by my grandmother










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