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Dekanogi Ulogilv Williams
Total Silence!
Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:04pm

Total Silence!

How, thought she, so quietly
to tell the world, those things I see,
of the whispered words, I hear
and not be left, sitting, in the ashes all alone,
as days drift past, all knowledge gone?

Will they laugh, and shake their heads
thinking, this ones mind is dead,
just superstitions, of the uneducated
you know how they are,
those old hard heads, keep dreaming.

Such things, that the ancients speak
send chills of fear, down to my feet,
of children, dying, in the streets
and not one hand lifted, to help them breathe or eat,
let alone, a place to sleep.

Doom sayer, you are called
if even once, you speak, of the coming pall,
though clearly, they can see
the results, of their own histories,
not us, they laugh, we are beyond all that.

Are you drunk, or just stupid, old one
can you not see, we are progressing,
are you blind, to all that has transpired
we are civilized people, with smart leaders
we, can not fall, or be toppled.

Oh,woe, and not simply looking for the worst
only paying attention, to the truth,
one thing I, have never been
the pessimist, that sees no daylight ahead,
call me realist instead, please.

So many, changes in my own life time,
none yet, to lead me to believe
mankind, has learned from strife, and greed,
me first, has become their battle cry,
what a standard, for man to bear.

Just sit here, and do nothing
bite your tongue, and give no warning,
gather close, those you love
prepare them, as best you can,
leave the world, to find their own way to safety?

Watch in pain, as they crash, and burn
betraying all, that you have learned,
let the lessons sit idle,
waiting, for a brand new people,
perhaps they, will be kinder?

Take yourself, back to the caves
listen to their, past mistakes,
gentle hearts, cry out so loudly
you can not leave, without first trying,
grandchild, can you live with your self after?

Enough, I cry, or they are right
my mind, will be soft gray mush,
I, can not think, with all this howling,
one at a time, and not so loudly
I, can not bear, this screaming at me.

Seven, is our Sacred number,
but three, times three, will be the terror,
burning rains, and raging winds,
trembling earth, feels like the end,
instead it is in truth, the beginning.

Cities fall, beneath our feet
leaving holes, where once, were people,
leaders lie, to save themselves,
blazing headlines, of hurricanes, and tornados,
this too, is not the ending.

Rivers flood, and once again run backwards,
the greatest danger, is our caldera,
below the surface, trouble stews
molten heat, as ashes spew,
here my friends, is where most life ends.

Dreaming, in full living color,
wake up, screaming to the heavens,
it will not help, so just be quiet
leave it alone, soon, there will be silence,
oh, but the cost to my spirit.

Quietly, she sits in contemplation,
knowing well, the cost of saying,
what she sees, in the world around her
can not be spoken, to these people,
be still now, no more crying!

Oh, grandmother, these dreams are driving me crazy, NOW, I understand what you were saying.

adadoligi ale nvwadohivnv

Dekanogi Ulogilv

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