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Dekanogi Ulogilv Williams
Sat Oct 15, 2011 1:05pm


Asleep, she said; to sight, and sound, but living there within her mind,
no movement, will you ever see, and yet, she stirs, from time to time,
left to dream, in blissful peace, we take great care, to protect her silence,
knowing, if she wakes too soon, our lives, are over.

Hushed, and reverent, are her keepers, respectful of her need for quiet,
work goes on, to gently gather all, that is wanted for survival,
two legged, four legged, finned, and feathered, mineral, plant,
even the weather, all, bow before the beloved, mist covered giant.

Strange sights are seen, in times passage, yet none, question the creatures her mind
has manufactured, simple beauty, wild, and free, tangled forests, or rivers deep,
rough white waters, before roaring falls, moss covered stones, and still green pools.

Webs, extend from coast, to coast, traveled by thoughts, created by our host,
none are better than the other, all her children, sisters, and brothers, though at times
we cannot escape her roaring madness, we understand the sacrifices,
times of warring, to clear the fields for growing.

Each time the silence is broken, she stirs to near waking, and the troubles bring horror,
time for change, she seems to say; you ask too much, now you pay, once, she even broke apart her body ripping away, to separate the trouble makers, ice, heat, then flooding, she starts over.

The old ones smile, as she trembles softly, tender sounds from a loving mother,
the caretakers know, it will not be long now, a cycle in her sleep is changing,
too much hurt, and crying out, what mother would not wake,
to tend beloved children's needs, and destroy the dangers?

Too often, say the Elders; we do not remember, what we owe her,
and like the spoiled children that we are, take advantage of each other, and our surroundings,
fight, and squabble, amongst ourselves, like all young, demanding only the best,
ahhhh, but here, sibling rivalry kills.

Nothing new, or different, in times passage, no revelations to our Creator,
though, from time, to time, lessons are learned, and growth completed,
given too much, too soon, makes us lazy, and ungrateful, instead of happiness
we find, we are unfulfilled, and seeking something.

Yes, she is asleep yet, to sight, and sound, but not emotion, as you can see,
her dreams are troubled, no movement will you see, and yet she stirs in fitful spasms
causing such waves of terror, as the ground shakes, the oceans roar,
the deserts grow larger, and the children suffer from hunger.

It is we, who wake her, as we struggle, and send prayers, asking more than our fair share,
stomping our feet in temper tantrums, fighting with our siblings, over what I ask you,
always wanting, what our brother has, as it seems better than our own, until we have it.

The old one, chuckles softly, shaking her head in wonder, living here,
with only, what Mother Earth herself gifts, and she gathers, poverty it is called by others,
and yet, she has all that is needed, food, clothing, and shelter,
she walks, where she is needed, on her own feet.

No world wide travel, yet she, knows more than most, no schools, or special training,
no genius for money making, a simple hut, of her own building, a cave deep, and silent,
corn, beans, and squash, grown in the valley, medicine, pure from the plant peoples,
tell me, is she mistreated?

Here, stands the last Keeper, knowing smile, and peaceful acceptance, she says; the time is coming,
and I, I believe her, trust her ancient knowledge, as I, watch the troubled dreaming,
seeing with my own eyes, exactly, what the old one is saying, once, there would be another training.
Are you, ready to be that one?

Dekanogi Ulogilv

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