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Mon Nov 28, 2011 12:19pm

The following link can provide those who are interested in post recently made regardig social groups wanting to obtain state and/or federial regonized Cherokee.



Support the Federal Recognition Process
To Protect All Tribal Citizens

What is a real Indian Nation? What is a fake tribe?
Fraudulent groups passing themselves off as tribes have become big business during the past two decades, with more than 200 that claim to be some sort of Cherokee tribe. However, there are only three federally-recognized Cherokee tribes: two in Oklahoma and one in North Carolina. Many of the would-be Cherokee "tribes" are cultural societies or history clubs, whose members may or may not belong to any of the federally-recognized tribes. Still others are harmful, and some are even created for criminal purposes.

False tribes distort genuine Indian history to explain their very existence, and typically members know little about the true culture they claim to represent.

A battle for what it means to be an Indian tribe and a struggle for benefits provided to Indians is currently being waged by groups seeking to take away the identity and benefits that have been reserved to federally recognized Indian tribes. Hundreds of false Indian groups are claiming to be sovereign tribes and are teaching their own fabricated culture and history as if it were Indian. They apply for and receive aid from the same sources that fund the historic treaty based obligations intended for Indians. Yet they do not measure up to the credentials required of true tribes.

Excerpt from "Sovereignty At Risk" document

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